Edge Computing

Ready for the digital transformation with edge computing

Data is a vital raw material, both now and in the future, with analyses and downstream processing increasing its value further still. The data produced must be processed quickly and continuously to add value, which means avoiding time-consuming transfers to data centres far away. In the case of time-critical applications in particular, latency can become a problem when transferring data over long distances.

This is where edge computing comes in. Made-to-measure data centres analyse data directly at the edge of the network, that is to say at the point where it is generated. This is a key factor for companies gearing up for the digital transformation of their business.

Our performance promise:

  • The Edge Data Center configurator can be used to configure fully fledged turnkey solutions.
  • Micro Data Centres (security safes) provide a high level of protection for your edge application.
  • Security rooms or container solutions ensure maximum security and scalability.

thyssenkrupp Steel

thyssenkrupp Steel is expanding its IT infrastructure with Rittal Edge Data Centers

Rittal Edge Data Centers are helping thyssenkrupp Steel quickly and flexibly build the IT resources required at its actual production sites to advance the digitalization of a wide range of steel production processes. The Rittal IT containers installed...


A smart city in Korea

Smart cities are networked, high-tech environments designed to improve residents’ personal and professional lives while also making them more sustainable. A prime example can be found in a new district of the huge city of Incheon in South Korea, which...

B. Braun

A data centre that meets Industry 4.0 requirements in a flash

The IT experts at B. Braun, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical technology and pharmaceutical products, were faced with a real challenge – rapidly expanding the site’s IT infrastructure ready for a new, state-of-the-art production facility.