5G, IoT and AI – new challenges for telecommunications networks

The expansion of the fibre-optic network and the next generation of mobile communication – 5G – are placing growing demands on telecommunications companies and their infrastructures, which need to offer high capacities and real-time transmission. It is also extremely important for infrastructure solutions to be robust and work optimally, even in adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold and humidity.

Robust high-performance solutions for a state-of-the-art telecom infrastructure

Rittal offers intelligent, flexible solutions for telecom networks – such as mobile phone and broadband connections – from a single source. Our versatile, robust and efficient solutions can also be scaled to suit specific customer requirements.

  • Thanks to an ingenious modular system comprising enclosures (single/double walled) and climate control
  • Thanks to robust enclosures made from premium materials with a UV-resistant spray finish and high protection categories
  • Thanks to cooling solutions with a wide variety of outputs and a large temperature range of -30 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Thanks to global usability as a result of international approvals
  • Thanks to the energy-efficient Blue e+ technology of our cooling units for an average energy saving of 75 per cent
  • Thanks to the impressive heat dissipation achieved by the intelligent design of Rittal outdoor enclosures
  • Thanks to the remote monitoring of enclosures and equipment using IIoT innovations to connect Rittal cooling solutions and sensors for monitoring physical environmental conditions
  • Thanks to low-maintenance enclosures and cooling solutions plus a global service network with rapid availability of spare parts
  • Thanks to edge data centers for the ultimate in computing power and reliability combined with short latency times and maximum security
  • Thanks to a ready-to-connect IT infrastructure in a robust container shell for SME, cloud and edge applications
  • Thanks to OCP solutions based on the OpenRack standard to reduce investment and operating costs

Rittal outdoor solutions for a safe infrastructure

Outdoor solutions

Suitable for use in the most varied fields

With intelligent and flexible solutions comprising enclosures and climate control systems perfectly matched to meet all requirements!


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