Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is driving digitalization

Cloud computing offers companies the option of using IT resources outside their own infrastructure by accessing an IT service provider’s solutions via the Internet (public cloud). Benefits include being able to absorb capacity peaks and using software, storage or platforms without any administrative or maintenance outlay for their in-house IT department. Depending on requirements such as availability, data security and connection to in-house systems, possible options include public or hybrid cloud architectures or a private in-house cloud.

These solutions are based on a high-availability IT infrastructure that ensures the networking of services and the transmission of data.

Using standardisation to get to grips with digitalization

Act now and grab the opportunity to take your company’s digitalization to the next level with flexible infrastructure and cloud solutions from Rittal and its sister companies.

Our performance promise:

  • Thanks to the all-in-one solution ONCITE, which is based on a high-availability, scalable edge cloud data centre from Rittal and German Edge Cloud, and is equipped with industrial applications such as Industrial Analytics, Virtual Factory and Tracke & Trace
  • Together with our partners, we offer infrastructure and cloud solutions using the “IT as a Service” model.
  • In collaboration with our sister company German Edge Cloud and partners, we offer all services for the entire data centre life cycle from a single source with the Rittal Ecosystem IT.
  • The open system platform RiMatrix NG covers the entire OT infrastructure and ensures maximum flexibility in every dimension.
  • The OCP (Open Compute Project) rack cuts investment and operating costs, reduces energy consumption and is kinder to the environment.
  • The 21" standard with a width of 600 mm ensures optimum utilisation of space.
  • OCP is the basic technology for one of the biggest hyperscale data centre operators.


Optimum infrastructures for colocation services

Colocation is enjoying strong growth and is an important area of business for data centre operators, especially Internet and cloud providers.

Industry 4.0

Enhanced efficiency and new business models thanks to the smart factory

Networking and digitalizing their production enables companies to meet growing customer expectations relating to individualisation, quality and fast product delivery.

Edge Computing

Ready for the digital transformation with edge computing

Edge computing creates the basis for real-time applications and Industry 4.0. Many sectors and companies are already benefiting from this high-performance technology made available by Rittal.