Certified System Integrator Program

Certified System Integrator Program

Rittal is a leader in the design and supply of technically sophisticated enclosure solutions. This philosophy of design places emphasis on the user’s ability to customize the solution to their specific requirement and to be able to do it with standard, off the shelf enclosures and accessories.

In Canada we support this through our Technical Representatives and our internal Technical Services Group. This team of technical professionals provide full application development expertise, bill of material generation and 2D and 3D cad support. This support is further extended by our production team whereby they will fully assemble and integrate the Rittal enclosures and accessories including custom cutouts, painting and other configuration services.

Rittal’s Certified System Integrator program takes this technical value stream to the next level of sophistication. This program offers to our customers a level of assurance that the System Integration partners identified are knowledgeable, experienced and proficient in specifying and integrating Rittal enclosure solutions. The System Integrators identified on this page have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and experience in specifying and configuring Rittal enclosure, climate control and power distribution systems.

If you have any questions about this program or are interested in becoming a Rittal Certified System Integration partner please contact us at 1-800-399-0748 or via email at marketing@rittal.ca.

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