Calculating climate control requirements with RiTherm

The ultimate planning tool for enclosure climate control

RiTherm. Gives you goose bumps.

It's that feeling you get for the first time when you strike the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness, energy saving and environmental protection when designing your enclosure’s climate control system. It’s the moment when you realise that, thanks to a whole host of new functions, you’re going to be able to achieve that same harmony and perfect synchronisation over and over again on future projects.

RiTherm is the free software tool for needs-based, reliable and energy-efficient enclosure climate control planning that comes with standards-compliant documentation and proof of the associated carbon footprint.

Calculate enclosure climate control requirements with ease – thanks to the RiTherm planning tool

Climate control calculations for enclosures
Even better. Even easier.

RiTherm planning software helps you increase your performance and save time. Because you can quickly and reliably plan precisely the correct climate control system for your enclosures with greater certainty. And, of course, with standards-compliant documentation included.

For the environment – the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution every time.

RiTherm offers clear recommendations for boosting the energy efficiency of switchgears. This means you can rely on meeting your customers’ energy efficiency requirements.

The energy efficiency calculation is integrated, and also verifies with proof the associated carbon footprint.

When it comes to climate control planning software, Rittal is leading the way. Since it was rolled out 35 years ago, we have kept more than 80,000 customers around the world very happy and carry out over 200,000 climate control calculations every year.

The new climate control calculation in RiTherm covers:

  • Calculation and selection depending on the ambient conditions (indoor and outdoor applications)
  • Option of specifying altitude (which influences cooling output)
  • Precise calculation for bayed enclosure suites
  • Recommendations for suitable and corresponding accessories for your enclosure climate control system
  • Energy efficiency calculation for specific climate zones
  • Recommendations of more energy-efficient alternatives
  • Calculation of the climate control carbon footprint, from delivery through to operation
  • Information on F-gases/Global Warming Potential (GWP value)
  • Language selection for documentation download
  • Standards-compliant heat dissipation certificate
  • Provision of all necessary product information (e.g. approvals)
  • Statement of product lifecycle status and notification of successor products