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The Rittal Edge for a Global Automotive Company

Powered by Innovation

Our client, a global automotive client, has numerous patents that have revolutionized the design and efficiency of modern automotive powertrains. Their commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation for providing reliable, highly engineered solutions to almost every major global OEM.

Our client's goal is to produce the most innovative powertrain technologies & products in the world.

  • They strive to cultivate an environment that promotes the creation of new products that drive their customers.
  • They invent technologies that reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
  • They provide total engineered solutions that help their customers build better vehicles.

 Steep Challenges

As a rapidly expanding global organization, they needed a Data Centre that could safeguard their precious data and offer them quick and easy access to complex real-time inventory. However, they faced some challenges:

  • Space: They hadlimited floor space available for their Data Centre.
  • Security: The security of their OEM customers’ data was a key factor as their Warehouse has many different employees and contractors coming in andout.
  • Scalability: Building a full Data Centre facility in an ever-changing,fast-growing environment presents the task ofaccessing the latest data on demand, and managing it.
  • Sustainability: The final challenge was how to be eco-friendly and sustainable,and minimize the environmental impact.


Cooling on T-RACK

Rittal’s LCP Rack DX is an ideal cooling solution for small to medium IT installations due to its minimal power consumption and optimum use of indirect free cooling.

The LCP Rack DX has a cooling output of 12 kW and is capable of cooling up to two server racks. It is inverter-controlled, allowing IT-compatible cooling, and can regulate the server inlet air temperature. The external unit dissipates thermal energy directly to the exterior air, thereby preventing the server rack installation location from heating up.

Speedy Solutions

The client opted for the Rittal Edge Solution that incorporated the LCP Rack DX, which was based on their needs & challenges, in order to keep up with a high level of expectation from their own clients, for many reasons:

  • Reduction in Latency
  • Enhanced control over the vast amounts of data
  • Retention of uptime at nearly 100%
  • Ability to build on demand, grow as needed and the unique ability of the Rittal Solutions to adapt to multiple OEM customers, making the solution a viable one for years to come.
  • Novel design of the Rack Cooling LCPDX included the ability to incorporate an indoor or exterior Condenser as needed by the individual sites
  • Ability to harness the heat emitted by the LCPDX units, and to transfer it to the Warehouse to reduce the need for Natural Gas for heaters in colder months
  • High energy efficiency and environmentallyfriendly solution

Additionally, this system directs all the cold air to the IT equipment inlets, supplying evenly cooled air to the complete height of the enclosure, avoiding temperature gradients (meaning no hot air is returned outside of the enclosure). It’s ideal for handling large thermal loads and power density challenges in uncontrolled environments.

With solid roofs on both the cooling unit and the enclosure, and solid rear and side walls, the LCP Rack DX was a reliable closed-loop solution to deliver significant energy savings from improved thermal efficiency.

Driving Results

All these benefits have offered the Company ROI on their investment, as well as a substantial reduction in their operating costs. The implementation of the LCP Rack DX offers energy and space efficiency, greater reliability, and design flexibility as well as a reduction in downtime due to enclosure-related issues.

An additional benefit is the LCP Rack DX allows for the future expansion of their systems due to its flexibility and expandability.