Air Transportation

Rittal Corporation enclosures and climate control systems are the airport industry’s first choice for protection of critical equipment used in vital airport applications.

Essential for equipment such as baggage systems, radar systems, ground support units, runway lighting, data, communications and security networks, Rittal enclosures optimize physical work space and protect electronics from challenging environments.

From the tarmac, where equipment must withstand persistent exposure to the weather, to the data center and control tower, where computers must be protected against excess heat, Rittal enclosures and climate control products meet every challenge, maximizing equipment durability and product life cycles.

  • Planning and engineering

    • Comprehensive expertise for specific industry applications
    • Support with detailed drawings, engineering specifications and product specialists
    • Planning software for fast, efficient development

  • Products

    • Enclosures
    • Power Distribution
    • Climate Control

  • Service

    • Market-specific, personal support worldwide
    • Project-planning, production, assembly and service from a single source
    • Global delivery and service network