Rail Transportation

Operational reliability is on the rails

For the past 25 years, Rittal has delivered industry-first solutions for rail transportation. Today, our sophisticated enclosure systems are used throughout the world to protect transit communications networks, signaling technology and security systems. Whether it be communications based train control, positive train control, or automatic train control systems at the station, wayside or in the rail control center, Rittal enclosure systems are designed to withstand the rigors of transit applications.

Rittal offers ideal solutions for every location. The company offers enclosures, climate control and system integration as a complete solution — perfect enclosures, with customized equipment, offer precisely dimensioned climate control, as well as centralized function and security monitoring. Rittal solutions represent concepts that are aesthetic, ergonomic and economical, as well as being precisely tailored to each installation.

  • Planning and engineering

    • Comprehensive expertise for specific industry applications
    • Support with detailed drawings, engineering specifications and product specialists
    • Planning software for fast, efficient development

  • Products

    • Enclosures
    • Power Distribution
    • Climate Control

  • Service

    • Comprehensive testing in Rittal’s accredited laboratories
    • Logistics service as far as the point of installation, assistance with commissioning
    • Complete documentation
    • Support and maintenance service