Rittal launches the 2021 Summer Cooling Promo

2021-05-01. It’s time for Rittal’s Summer Cooling Promo on leading climate control solutions

Special promo prices on Rittal’s best-selling cooling and monitoring solutions from May- Aug.

Just in time for the warmer weather, Rittal is once again offering special promo prices on their market-leading enclosure cooling & monitoring solutions for industry and IT, that lower enclosure energy costs by up to 75% while boosting efficiency and ROI.

This year, Rittal is extending the Summer Cooling Promo to their IoT and CMC III monitoring devices, which are so essential in this new digital era, to ensure that enclosures and data centres are being cooled effectively even from remote locations. After all, over-heating of precious equipment can cause huge losses.



What’s New: Promo Extended to Connectivity & Monitoring Devices

  • IoT Interface : is a central component for the intelligent networking of Rittal cooling solutions or sensors. This makes it easy to integrate all Blue e+ and Blue e+ chillers cooling units in an Industry 4.0 (IoT) environment.
    Rittal also offers a special adapter that can integrate existing Blue e cooling units into condition monitoring and IoT systems.


  • CMC III Processing Unit : is the central unit in the CMC III monitoring system. Up to 32/4 external sensors/CAN-Bus connection units can connect to the integral sensors, powered by the CMC III power pack.




  • CMC III Sensors : are ideal for monitoring a range of parameters in enclosures or rooms.





Industrial Climate Control systems offer huge energy savings

Rittal's Blue e Climate control systems offer unmatched energy savings and cool features, while the top-notch roof-mounted fans are NEMA 12 out of the box, and NEMA 3R/4/4X with the rain hood. The new stainless-steel variants of the Blue e+ cooling unit series have been specially developed for demanding environmental conditions, where high levels of corrosion protection are needed. Also included in the summer promo, are Rittal’s Blue e, Wall-Mounted, UL Listed, Type 3R/4 air conditioning units, an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor enclosures where water is an issue.
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Cooling technology for Data Centres offer
maximum efficiency in minimal space

Edge Data Centres are often located in harsh environments where protection of IT equipment is crucial. Our cooling & monitoring solutions are designed to operate in these environments by maintaining the proper conditions for IT equipment! The solutions are tailored to maximize the use of the rack space, control cooling and offer remote monitoring and management.
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For your convenience, Rittal has set up a special page with the Summer Cooling
Promo flyers and all other relevant climate control assets at:




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