System Consulting

Systematic advice

Rittal Industry Solutions will advise you in four stages:

  • Step 1: Analyse the current situation

    Rittal follows a systematic approach to solution-finding. The starting point is a customer-specific analysis of the current situation at all levels:

    • Products, tools and software used

    • Defined processes and procedures

    • Effectiveness of the solution

  • Step 2: Identify potential

    The second step is to uncover the potential for time and cost savings. An individual evaluation scrutinises data consistency, technology efficiency and the possibilities for process optimisation. In many cases, the first savings are already apparent at this stage.

  • Step 3: Implement measures

    With corresponding support from Rittal, the customer can now translate the theoretical results into concrete efficiency-boosting measures. Rittal possesses all the necessary intelligent tools, solutions and systems. Each component is perfectly integrated – without compromise, without the need for improvisation.

  • Step 4: Performance review

    A systematic approach is the key to significantly enhanced efficiency. To this end, Rittal offers a complete package (products, planning and software, service and support). After a defined period, we join you to review the success of the implemented measures.