Roof/Wall Mounting

  • Roofs

    Accessory components for the enclosure or housing roof may be customized to the task at hand and the chosen installation site: rain canopies, roof plates for cable entry or ventilation, top-mounted modules, transport aids and pressure relief devices.


  • Wall Mountings
    Wall Mountings

    Mounting brackets adapted to the respective housing for the stable mounting of the wall-mounted housings as well as additional fixings for free-standing enclosures in the roof area.


  • Adjustable Enclosure Connectors
    Adjustable Enclosure Connectors

    Adjustable housing or frame connectors for operating housings, terminal boxes and compact enclosures


  • Pole clamp for AX, KX, AX plastic, AX IT
    Pole clamp for AX, KX, AX plastic, AX IT

    For reliable, convenient fastening to round or square poles.


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