Operations and Service

Do it more reliably with our smart, global service

We’re there for you, whether you are looking to replace vital cooling unit components or your systems need an efficiency check. 

After commissioning, machines and systems must ensure reliable long-term operation as the key to efficient, high-performance production. Keep a constant eye on the status of your current project data from any location with the cloud-based solution EPLAN eVIEW, and use the Rittal global service to minimise downtime and boost efficiency.

We also think ahead – predictive maintenance is already a reality with IoT links to equipment such as our cooling units and chillers.


Cloud solutions make it possible to access data at any time and from anywhere, including on mobile devices. This is extremely useful for the maintenance and repair of racks and enclosures.


The rack, enclosure and/or cooling unit itself can also generate and send data such as current status information, temperatures or maintenance details. This is made possible by components with an IoT interface and hardware such as the Rittal IoT interface, which collects data and transmits it to overarching systems. When data throughout the value chain is digitalized, service and operations can benefit as well.

Become more future-proofed with the IT platform and edge cloud technology

The latest IT technologies and applications – from cloud and edge computing to analytics, AI and 5G – will shape future production operations.

Processing production in real time while also ensuring data sovereignty and value creation is a breeze with the turnkey edge cloud data centre ONCITE.

What’s more, the Rittal IT platform with its modular system design will make it quick and easy for you to master all IT scenarios – from rack installations through to edge and hyperscale data centres.


Apps Rittal para una mayor eficiencia

Rittal ofrece ahora numerosas herramientas útiles para su uso como aplicación móvil en movimiento


Ir al diagnóstico y análisis de refrigeradores y enfriadores

RiDiag es un software para el diagnóstico y el análisis de refrigeradores y enfriadores para garantizar un correcto funcionamiento y simplificar el mantenimiento y diagnóstico de los mensajes del sistema.

Calculadora de gases fluorados

Conformidad con el reglamento sobre gases fluorados y eficiencia energética con Rittal

Con nuestra calculadora de gases fluorados podrá determinar fácilmente hasta qué punto su sistema existente se ve afectado por el reglamento de gases fluorados.