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Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility Intelligent Traffic

Technological developments in automotive, railway, and air mobility are transforming the way people and goods are moved from one point to the next. Traffic systems are being improved, vehicles networked, and data from fuel consumption, speed, and traffic conditions are all collected, analyzed, and distributed. Vehicles are becoming more autonomous and can offer driving assistance in real time to help avoid critical situations. For example, if a car begins to slide on ice, V2V systems can communicate this information in real time to warn other vehicles in the area. Aviation and railway industries are increasingly digitalizing products and services, connecting operations and logistics for more efficient performance. In urban settings, public and private transportation is constantly being optimized with navigational tools, and even parking apps, to keep everything running smoothly, and getting everyone where they need to go on time. All these tools generate high volumes of data.

Compliance with international IT security standards at airports


  • Increased air traffic with ca. 2.3 million passengers annually
  • Reliable IT infrastructure for secure airport operation 24/7
  • Highest IT security standards

Rittal Solution

► Rittal data center incl. TS IT Racks
LCP CW (Liquid Cooling Package) for controlled cooling
fire extinguishing system
surveillance system


Highest IT performance on board


  • Highly available infrastructure for a shipyard data center
  • Security, surveillance, flexibility, and interchangeability of IT modules

Rittal Solution

► Two DCs with 10 Rittal TS IT Racks
LCP series (Liquid Cooling Package) with up to 30 kW
► 25 technical rooms each with three racks and two air-water-heat exchangers

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