Sensationally bright!

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04.11.2016. The new LED and lens technology efficiently provides enormous luminous intensity from 900 to 1200 lumens, directed selectively into the enclosure. The system light may be fitted horizontally or vertically with no loss of space in the enclosure. Its reversible optical cover has two different Fresnel structures tailored to enclosure geometry and enable horizontal or vertical mounting.

Designed to enable tool-free installation into Rittal TS8/SE8 enclosures, the flexible mounting system also enables fast and easy mounting into any enclosure type, with screw or magnetic fixing.

Plug & play electrical installation with and simple through-wiring reduces installation time and enables up to 15 lights to be connected on one supply. Rotating connectors facilitate connection in narrow (600mm) enclosures.

Variants with integral motion detectors eliminate the need for installing separate door operated switches.

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