Delivering perfection

Next-day delivery is a thing of the past. At least, that’s what the big players in the logistics sector are suggesting. “Same-day delivery”, or at least “on-demand delivery”, are the new watchwords that are taking over, not least thanks to the marketing teams of online supermarkets and their lightning-fast urban delivery services.

Customer expectations when it comes to getting things fast have gone through the roof – and the B2B sector is no different. However, pulling off this kind of masterclass in logistics means getting an awful lot of different elements in a distribution centre to come together and run smoothly round the clock. The devil, of course, is in the detail, and those details include everything from goods receipt and storage through to order picking, packing and dispatch. Let’s not forget about all the other challenges either, such as the pandemic, labour shortages and all the ins and outs of the IT landscape.

From cloud computing, collaborative robots and big data analytics to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things – logisticians need to get to grips with a huge range of new technologies.

Urgent digitalization and an ever-increasing focus on services are the general themes at the heart of these developments. The aim is to take the individual processes that generate the necessary drive and transform them into a value chain that will help change the logistics market from the ground up.

Solutions from Rittal can be found in every corner of cutting-edge logistics centres. They cover everything from the building infrastructure with its power distribution and data traffic, through the loading bay with its automated loading systems and conveyor belts for moving goods, to the high-bay warehouses with their control systems and operating devices, and the order picking section with its electronic weighing, scanning and measurement systems. After all, it’s only when all these wheels interlock smoothly that all friction can be eliminated.

We are speeding up automated processes to optimise material flows.

Rittal offers high production volumes, product quality and rapid logistics worldwide to provide a high level of certainty and system availability.

Smart products and services help to maximise energy efficiency in order to cut CO2 emissions and avoid machine and plant downtime.

Our performance promise:

  • Thanks to engineering solutions from Rittal and Eplan and intelligent and efficient planning for panel building and switchgear
  • Thanks to processes and solutions for perfectly coordinated planning and automation covering everything from engineering through procurement and production to operation
  • Thanks to simple and fast assembly
  • Thanks to high-quality products that satisfy worldwide standards
  • Speed and flexibility thanks to a modular enclosure system
  • Blue e+ cooling technology that cuts energy consumption by up to 75 percent
  • Smart products and services make IIoT developments and maximum energy efficiency possible
  • Thanks to high production capacities, fast logistics and the global availability of system solutions and spare parts
  • Rittal offers the world’s most extensive, flexible and innovative system portfolio for IT and industry

Success stories

Lidl Finland

Smart Shopping

And again no coffee on the shelf, although it is right at the top of the shopping list. This cannot happen at LIDL in Finland, where Rittal's IT department ensures that the shelves are always well stocked.

Weiling GmbH

Organic products at high speed

The Coesfeld-based organics wholesaler Weiling needed a new, stable IT infrastructure to handle the logistics associated with its rapid growth.


Rittal solutions for the biggest Chinese e-commerce platform

When vast quantities of goods are being ordered online, you are dependent on state-of-the-art logistics centres to guarantee efficient order processing and to deliver the goods to customers as quickly as possible. In the case of JD.com, the biggest...