Mechanical Building

Digitalized and networked, ready for the future

State-of-the-art software systems and the possibilities they offer in the context of digital networking are playing an ever greater role in mechanical engineering. Systematic use of the digital twin paves the way for sustainable, cost-effective manufacturing by maximising production, energy and resource efficiency. Condition monitoring gives end customers the link they are looking for to the world of digital production.

With Eplan and Rittal to the digital twin

Grab this opportunity to stand out from the competition and get fit for the future with the latest solutions from Rittal and Eplan.

Our performance promise:

  • Thanks to high-quality data and accessibility to all system components in the EPLAN Data Portal
  • Thanks to end-to-end engineering with intelligent software solutions from Rittal and Eplan
  • Thanks to perfectly coordinated value-adding solutions – from engineering and sourcing all the way through to manufacturing and operations
  • Thanks to fast, plausibility-checked product configuration with the RiPanel
  • Thanks to efficient production planning with RiPanel Processing Center
  • Thanks to the digital equipment and system documentation with ePOCKET
  • Thanks to Rittal climate control solution with up to 75 per cent lower energy consumption and maximum flexibility as a result of multi-voltage capability.
  • Thanks to the development of standard-compliant IIoT solutions for networking machinery and equipment such as smart sensors for enclosure monitoring.
  • Thanks to smart service concepts for boosting system availability and service efficiency that are fit for the future.

STIWA Automation

Eighty percent less energy

STIWA Automation GmbH regularly measures energy consumption. In some cases, machines require less energy in order to move than they need for climate control purposes. The company now uses energy-efficient cooling units from the Rittal Blue e+ series to...


Energy saving with Rittal Blue e+

EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH’s CSR strategy includes a commitment to sustainability. Innovative components such as the new Blue e+ cooling units from Rittal are helping the company save energy.

Xylem Services GmbH

Xylem Services GmbH cuts operating costs with Rittal Blue e+ cooling units

Xylem Services GmbH is saving an annual five-figure sum by using Blue e+ cooling units from Rittal to cool its switchgear.