Perfect support for IT infrastructure components

Coordinated sensors and control systems provide optional support for Rittal components – from server enclosures, to power supply and climate control, through to security and monitoring technology – during both the integration and operating phases.

Its simple, fast configuration makes RiZone the ideal DCIM solution for data centres of any size.

  • The physical data centre infrastructure (OT devices) is incorporated into a data centre infrastructure management system.
  • RiZone supports SNMP V1/V2C and SNMP V3
  • Simple configuration
  • Automatic detection of Rittal components
  • Workflow editor for user-defined scenarios (what happens if)
  • Enhanced security and reliability thanks to logical emulation of the operating concept in RiZone
  • Energy optimisation in the data centre
  • Incorporation of SNMP-compatible third-party equipment

Detection of all SNMP-compatible IT infrastructure components.

In-house SQL database or link to external MS-SQL and Oracle databases.

  • Monitoring of data centre capacity utilisation
  • Redundancy monitoring of the climate control and power supply
  • Determination of optimum server installation positions
  • Optimisation of capacity utilisation and data centre availability
  • Pre-configuration of RiZone projects
  • Supports Rittal CMC III components as well as RiMatrix S
  • Components are easily replaced using drag and drop
  • Central administration of access data and PINs
  • One-time PIN function
  • Emergency PIN function
  • 2-way authorisation
  • Granular user administration within RiZone
  • Directory services are supported

The virtual RiZone appliance is made available in the industry standard OVF

  • The RiZone server may be a member of a directory service
  • RiZone users may be members of a directory service
  • Central administration of access control by RiZone
  • Administration of transponder cards
  • Centralised administration of access data
  • Import function

RiZone plus Rittal components creates a system solution with maximum energy efficiency.