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Our data centre infrastructure is the 4x4 solution of the data centre world. No matter what IT technology you need to support, our data centre solutions have been designed to be suitable and protected in any environment. From factory floors, on a ship or in a mountain and everywhere in-between, utilising Rittal IT infrastructure solutions allows you to install your IT where you need it.

Our modular solutions for server racks, network racks, power distribution and IT climate control make building a future-proof data centre a breeze.

We’ve engineered our data centre infrastructure to be perfect for diverse environments, from industrial settings to colocation sites and even outdoor applications. The adaptability and robust performance of our IT infrastructure makes it a reliable and risk-free option to keep your IT running smoothly, despite ever-changing technologies.

What our data centre customers love:

  • Scalable, flexible and modular options make finding the perfect configuration easy, today and in the future.
  • Sustainable solutions, backed by cutting-edge technology and modern aesthetics, make for secure and reliable IT environments.
  • Working with a trusted partner gives businesses confidence in navigating varied environments and future-proofing their data centre infrastructure.

Our Data Centre Solutions

Data centres have a crucial role to play in modern society. So we believe that infrastructure solutions should be easy to install and maintain, reliable and secure. Today’s solution should still be suitable tomorrow, despite the rapid pace of change in the industry.

And each solution should look awesome.

Our portfolio ranges from racks, bundles, rooms and containers, through to turnkey data centres and locations for data centres. We will help you find a solution that does exactly what you need it to, wherever you need to put it. 

Discover the ideal rack tailored to your specific needs with our adaptable system solutions, catering to networks of all sizes and applications.

VX IT - IT rack systems

Our iconic VX IT is the perfect solution for all network and server applications. Digitalisation and constantly changing market demands call for immediately available and flexible, scalable IT infrastructures. That's why our VX IT solution is based on a modular concept. This means that your solution can grow and adapt with your changing requirements.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of server and network racks, Rittal offers a comprehensive range of racks and accessories for IT everywhere.

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The benefits for you:

Maximum flexibility

  • Our data centre infrastructure provides maximum flexibility in every dimension (output range, scope of installation, availability, fail-safeness, involvement of certified partners)
  • The portfolio is complemented by variable financing models (leasing) for scalable, demand-driven investments
  • Continuous development adapts seamlessly to future technology trends
  • Sustainable, cost-cutting modularity based on energy-efficient components

Reliable solutions

  • Our data centre solutions embody tested Rittal quality to international standards
  • Compatibility with pre-installed systems means reliable extendibility
  • International approvals for worldwide use
  • Documentation and training, plus a comprehensive production reliability service

Rapid use

  • Predefined, tried-and-tested data centre solutions and first-time integration of OCP technology into standard applications reduces the client input
  • Precisely tailored to the requirements of IT components as well as superordinate management systems and applications
  • Complete solutions available for rapid use
  • Fast, simple configuration of components with the Rittal Configuration System
  • Product delivery within 24/48 hours (standard configurations in Europe)

The rapid increase in processing power, alongside power-hungry technology advances such as Artificial Intelligence, electric vehicles, and the Internet of Things, mean that IT cooling and climate control needs to be more effective than ever before. That's why we've devised future-proof data centre cooling solutions that can cost-effectively and sustainably handle rising temperatures in data centres. 

Climate control solutions from Rittal cover the full spectrum of applications in a huge range of environments, from cooling a single rack through to entire large-scale data centres. Safety and efficiency are our priorities.

Rittal’s innovative cooling units in the Blue e+ series with integral heatpipe herald a new dimension in efficiency, particularly for micro data centres at the lower end of the output range.

Liquid Cooling Packages

LCP DX: Ideal for cooling of small and medium-sized IT applications.

Liquid Cooling Units

Innovative cooling system providing cooling directly at the place where heat arises. 

IT Room Cooling

Dependable and energy-efficient room cooling for data centres, with maximum precision and fail-safe operation.

Aisle Containment

Aisle containment controls the temperature in data centres by encouraging a more efficient flow of cool air into and warm air out of the facility.

View all of our data centre cooling solutions


Need help with your data centre climate control? 

Our experts are on hand to help. 

Contact us today to discuss your data centre cooling requirements.

Power Distribution

Data centre power distribution is crucial for ensuring the seamless operation and reliability of IT systems. Proper power distribution ensures that all equipment within the data centre receives the necessary power supply, without overloading circuits or risking downtime due to power failures. It also allows for effective load balancing, maximising the utilisation of resources and reducing energy wastage.

Optimising your power distribution also facilitates the scalability and future expansion of your IT operations, accommodating the increasing demands of evolving technologies. Overall, robust power distribution infrastructure is essential for maintaining the performance, availability, and resilience of modern data centres.


IT Monitoring

Enhance your grasp of your IT infrastructure using our adaptable, customised solutions designed to oversee and manage all physical aspects within your data centre environment.

IT consulting and system solutions
When scaling data centre projects in multiple dimensions, how do you determine the correct structure and size? How do you choose between small, distributed edge data centres, container and high-performance data centres, “conventional” core and company data centres or cloud, colocation and hyperscale data centres? And how about cooling – do you opt for rack, suite or room climate control, water or refrigerant-based, indirect or direct?

By adopting an holistic approach encompassing all framework conditions and influencing factors, you can help to avoid planning errors and develop a future-proof solution. The expert teams at our Rittal IT Competence Centres are extremely knowledgeable, with many years of experience drawn from countless international IT projects. Our specialists can assist you with all aspects of concept development and execution of data centres, TCO calculations, and issues relating to security and monitoring/maintenance planning.

What we offer:

  • Central, IPMA-certified project managers
  • Project management in Germany based on DIN EN 50600
  • Concept development by Uptime Institute-accredited Tier Designers
  • Planning confidence underpinned by many years of experience and a broad product portfolio

How you benefit:

  • Professional support throughout every phase of your IT project
  • bespoke system concept tailored to your requirements

The benefits of manufacturer expertise
Modern IT systems represent the lifeblood of many companies. As data volumes continuously expand and become ever more complex, it's now more vital than ever before to be able to rely on a functioning digital infrastructure that is always available.

Detailed expert knowledge, short response times and exceptional support quality are key requirements for any service partner. Put your faith in the tried-and-trusted Rittal service and reap the benefits.

The benefits for you:

  • Comprehensive support, from concept development through to the after-sales service and beyond
  • Reliable support for your IT systems with professional lifecycle management
  • Highly qualified service technicians and infrastructure specialists
  • Solid expert knowledge plus manufacturer expertise
  • Web-based and automated service processes
  • Ready availability of original spare parts

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Lefdal Mine Data Centre (LMD) on the west coast of Norway sets new standards in our industry. As specialist in high performance computing (HPC), it is quite simply one of the greenest data centres the world and a role model in many respects.

The five-storey system of tunnels covering an area of 120,000 m² boasts an overall capacity of 200 MW. It is powered solely by renewable energy and cooled by water from a nearby fjord. It offers significant cost savings of up to 40% compared with a cloud data centre location in Germany, for example.

It's is also highly secure: Whilst the rock formation provides natural protection from electromagnetic waves, physical access is also limited to two entry points.

The Lefdal Mine Data Centre is the only facility of its kind in the world, and is proving to be a worthwhile investment, because more and more companies need access to highly flexible, secure and efficient IT resources. The standardised Rittal Data Centre Containers meet these requirements. Flexible, scalable IT infrastructures can be implemented quickly and easily.

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Data Centre Configurator

It’s time to put the pen and paper away. Our IT configuration software will help you to design solutions that work together, so that you get exactly what you need first time. It’s simple and reliable to use, so what are you waiting for?

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