Rittal enclosures at Frankfurt airport: Safe infrastructures

"Strong partners such as Rittal are very important to us", says Dr. Ulrich Kipper, Head of the Service Section of the Central Infrastructure Management of Fraport AG.

With 1,400 take-offs and landings on peak days, Frankfurt Airport achieves a logistic masterpiece. Precise baggage handling over miles-long conveyor lines and reliable information regarding arrivals and departures – this is not a matter of course, but requires latest technologies and infrastructures. In this regard, the operating company Fraport AG has relied on the Rittal system solutions for many years.

In July 2011, 5.5 million passengers were recorded in one month for the first time. "This requires the highest degree of logistic and technological expertise from us as the operating company of Frankfurt Airport", explains Dr. Ulrich Kipper, Head of the Service Section of the Central Infrastructure Management of Fraport AG. Highly available IT and automation systems are a key prerequisite for troublefree operation of the technical infrastructure – from baggage handling to air traffic control. For the protection of these systems, Fraport AG has relied on system solutions of Rittal in all areas of the airport with regard to IT infrastructures, automation systems and switchgear for many years. Currently, this also includes new construction projects such as the runway northwest. Rittal's range of solutions, with regard to "fire station 4", the entire lighting systems as well as the ultra-modern video surveillance of the runway, extends from enclosures and outdoor housings, components for power distribution and climate control systems to network and server racks as well as uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS).

Numerous compact housings, enclosures and cooling units made by Rittal have also been installed for the baggage handling system, in the central air conditioning units and the IT infrastructures of the new airport gate A-Plus which is equipped with terminal positions for widebodied aircrafts – particularly for four giant jets A380. Additionally, the tower of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH which is equipped with the latest technology has been completely fitted out with solutions of the company from Herborn. A fuel cell system is applied at a German airport for the first time, as well. The RiCell Flex fuel cell solution is latest technology made by Rittal which ensures the power supply of an automatic pay station at present.