What is RiAssure and how can it help you?

RiAssure is a service which appraises your existing cooling solutions and provides you with clear and honest advice as to the most appropriate actions to improve or maintain the cooling efficiency of your installation.

Free Cooling Review

In the first instance, a skilled Rittal representative will visit your site to undertake a FREE COOLING REVIEW. This short inspection will allow Rittal to evaluate your existing cooling solutions and provide you with usable feedback based on the findings of the visit.

A short report will be provided detailing:

  • Any high risk components/enclosures that have been identified.
  • Recommended actions going forward.
  • Quotation for advanced inspection (if required).

Advanced Inspection

If opportunities for improvements are identified during the Cooling Review, we will then provide you with a quotation for an advanced inspection. **

This quotation will be a tailored checklist of actions which are most suited to your site.

These actions can include:

  • Data loggers and or thermographic equipment to gather data
  • Thermal calculations
  • Photographs of enclosures and equipment.
  • Asset list creation. (Identify and report the status of all enclosures)
  • Quotation for recommended replacement cooling units including:-

- Energy Saving calculations

- R.O.I calculations

- A recommended service contract to maintain the efficiency of the on-site units.

** Advanced Inspection pricing dependant on number of enclosures, inspection options selected types of cooling and environment.

For further details on how RiAssure can help you email: or give us a call.


View or download the RiAssure brochure.

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Therm Questionnaire

Download the Therm Questionnaire.

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Free Thermal label

Reduce the cost of a survey by using our free thermal labels and sending the results to us for analysis.

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