Power Engineering

For easy configuration of Ri4Power low-voltage systems

  • Quick, simple switchgear planning

    • For Ri4Power low-voltage switchgear and RiLine60 busbar systems
    • Simple selection and graphical positioning of assemblies
    • Automatic generation of component parts lists
    • Access to the full range of Rittal products
    • Multi-lingual program prompting

  • Configuration of RiLine60

    • Configuration of RiLine60 busbar systems in the Top enclosure system TS8
    • Easy selection of devices and adaptors
    • Integral switchgear database from well-known manufacturers
    • Automatic calculation of rated currents and heat losses

  • Assembly planning made easy

    • Automatic generation of field-specific assembly plans
    • Support with preparation and assembly
    • Direct allocation of components to the installation point
    • Efficient, systematic assembly

  • Program interfaces

    • Eplan Electric P8 export interface
    • Export of parts lists in MS Excel format
    • Tender texts in MS Word format
    • Import/export interfaces for data maintenance