• Door variants
    Door variants

    Glazed doors and vented glazed doors allow quick visual inspections of installed components. Sheet steel doors may be installed instead of the rear panel, to provide access to the interior installation from the front and rear.


  • 180° hinge for VX
    180° hinge for VX

    To extend the door opening angle to 180°.


  • Modular climate control concept
    Modular climate control concept

    The cooling unit is integrated into the enclosure door and therefore blends in perfectly with the overall look of the enclosure. Easily exchanged for the existing door without any machining, even with the system operational. Cooling output up to 1.5 kW – 2.5 kW. Available for baying enclosure systems VX 25 and TS 8.


  • Modular front design
    Modular front design

    For separating different functional zones within the enclosure. Partial doors with or without viewing window may be combined as required between the top and bottom front trim panel. The modular front may be fitted instead of front doors or rear panels on the Rittal enclosure system.


  • Lock systems
    Lock systems

    The lock inserts provided as standard may be exchanged for any type of handle and for other locks. A push-button is the practical alternative for fast, key-free opening of stand-alone and wall-mounted enclosures.


  • Door, internal
    Door, internal

    Supports a wide range of attachment options for the stowage and archiving of documents and the installation of display and control instruments.


  • Viewing windows and operating panels
    Viewing windows and operating panels

    Displays, buttons, switches and other control instruments are protected from dust, liquids and unauthorised access in a high-quality look.


  • Identification strip for VX, TS, SE
    Identification strip for VX, TS, SE

    For individual field identifiers on the door, including transparent cover and assembly parts.


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