IT cooling

  • Liquid cooling packages
    Liquid cooling packages

    LCP CW: Extremely high heat loads are dissipated from the IT racks via air/water heat exchangers. LCP DX: Ideal for cooling of small and medium-sized IT applications.


  • Liquid Cooling Units
    Liquid Cooling Units

    Efficient cooling of TS IT racks and Micro Data Centers with no loss of space. Optimum support of IT-compatible, "front-to-back" air routing. High level of fail-safeness thanks to availability of single and redundant variant.


  • Aisle containment
    Aisle containment

    Door and roof components separate hot and cold air in the data centre. Such a separation is pivotal to increasing the efficiency of climate control technology. It may be used as a hot or cold aisle containment.


  • Roof-mounted cooling units for cooling IT equipment
    Roof-mounted cooling units for cooling IT equipment

    Active climate control of individual enclosures for heat losses of up to 3 kW. Target temperature-controlled control of the server inlet temperature.


  • Small cooling units
  • Chillers for IT cooling
    Chillers for IT cooling

    Especially for cooling IT applications, such as LCP or air/water heat exchangers. Safety-relevant features such as redundant speed-controlled pumps, compressors or buffer stores.


  • Accessories for IT cooling
    Accessories for IT cooling

    Matching accessories for LCP CW and LCP DX applications.


  • Computer Room Air Conditioner
    Computer Room Air Conditioner

    Room air-conditioning for data centres with a high thermal load.


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