SE 8 free-standing enclosure system

    Discontinued product

    SE 8 free-standing enclosure system

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    This item will be discontinued on: 31.03.2021 
    This item is being replaced by: PRO116866 

    Individual sheet steel enclosure with stable enclosure body, two integrated mounting levels, screw-fastened rear panel and door. Roof and sides from a single piece with roll-formed frame. Fully compatible interior installation with the TS 8, enabling full integration into the TS 8 product family. Enclosure widths ranging from 600 to 1800 mm Time-saving assembly work due to the roll-formed side panels
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Rittal Configuration System

Model No. Width Height Depth Doors
SE 5845.500 1200 mm 2000 mm 600 mm 2
SE 5831.500 800 mm 1800 mm 400 mm 1
SE 5846.500 1800 mm 2000 mm 500 mm 2
SE 5834.500 800 mm 2000 mm 600 mm 1
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