Product Introduction

New updated VX Base Plinth System - available NOW

Rittal strives to continuously refine and improve its products. As part of this process, the VX base/plinth system has been redesigned and is available now and the old version will be completely phased out by 31 March 2024. The accessories for the plinth/plinth system will also be adapted to the new system. 

The VX plinth/plinth has numerous advantages: 

  • Reliable – excellent stability of the plinth/plinth system 
  • Flexible – numerous options for interior installation with VX accessories 
  • Easy – recessed connections between the connection points 

In addition, the new plinth/plinth has the same dimensions as before and is therefore compatible with existing housing and cabinet platforms. 

To enable a smooth and quick transition, we have put together an accompanying conversion aid, download below.


View the product and download the conversion aid/help

Conversion Aid

VX Base Plinth Conversion Aid

To enable a smooth and quick transition to the new base/plinth system, we have put together a conversion aid of current part numbers to new.


VX Base Plinth System new version

The VX base/plinth system may be used with almost any enclosure application. As well as a high degree of stability, it also boasts exceptional user-friendliness as well as time savings and brand new configuration options for the base/plinth.