3 Ways the Blue e+ Filter Fan Simplifies Industrial Enclosure Climate Control

March 21 2024

Product insight

Simplified industrial enclosure cooling systems are rapidly rising up the ranks of priority for manufacturers as production environments continue to become more varied or diverse.

While industrial filter fan cooling units can help manufacturers cut through the complexity of modern manufacturing via more streamlined, simplified design and operation, manufacturers still don’t fully realize the capacity of filter fan units to provide targeted cooling outputs that can keep pace with the speed and around-the-clock nature of today’s manufacturing landscape.

However, Rittal’s new Blue e+ Filter Fan EC industrial cooling unit combines powerful, strategic cooling capabilities with the ability to both optimize productivity, reduce cooling costs, and decrease the chance of unplanned downtime. Plus, the Blue e+ Filter Fan offers new digital integrations to help manufacturers leverage a smarter, more connected approach to enclosure climate control.

Here, we’ll look at three key ways in which the new Blue e+ Filter Fan EC enclosure cooling unit simplifies industrial enclosure climate control.

The Blue e+ Filter Fan cooling unit streamlines maintenance and upkeep

Ask any manufacturer about their biggest challenges and you’ll likely hear a common response: the time and tooling necessary to maintain their automation equipment. Not only can regular maintenance and upkeep require a hefty investment of time and resources, it can also result in costly downtime — or, worse, unplanned gaps in production due to equipment failures or breakdowns.

This is especially pertinent with industrial enclosure cooling units given the importance of internal and external temperature to optimizing performance.

A more streamlined approach to maintenance and upkeep via simplified design and engineering is where the new Blue e+ Filter Fan EC cooling unit shines, beginning with fast, easy air filter changes via a new opening mechanism on the grille of the unit. What’s more, the air filter can be accessed and swapped without the need for standard tooling to help save time and money.

Filter replacement and overall maintenance is also enhanced via a filter operation display that provides real-time insight on the condition and life of the filter to help manufacturers take a more proactive approach to maintenance intervals.

From a deployment perspective, our new filter fan cooling units are equipped with simple, easy-to-use hooks for rapid installation on the enclosure itself. This also helps increase the rate at which manufacturers bring new automation systems online and makes it easier to scale automation infrastructure without sacrificing powerful cooling.

The Blue e+ Filter Fan Unit prioritizes cooling outputs and performance

One objection to using traditional filter fan units compared with other forms of enclosure climate control is that filter fan models simply can’t create the kind of targeted cooling necessary to ensure optimal enclosure operating temperatures. Or, if a filter fan unit can offer the ideal cooling output, it comes with greater energy consumption and higher energy costs.

The innovative design and engineering of the Blue e+ Filter Fan EC cooling unit prioritizes high-performance cooling via a pleated air filter that increases cool air movement and performance by 40%. The design of the Blue e+ Filter Fan’s motor also provides high-efficiency operation that can decrease energy costs by 60%.

Our new filter fan cooling unit also incorporates Industry 4.0 and IIoT concepts to help manufacturers unlock more flexible cooling. For example, an on-demand temperature control interface allows cooling to be monitored and adjusted in real-time.

Not only does this help manufacturers leverage more efficient, strategic enclosure climate control, it also helps increase the service life of the filter fan components by leveraging the ideal cooling outputs precisely when they’re needed.

The Blue e+ Filter Fan cooling unit can help create a more connected value  chain

The digital interfaces that are part of our new filter fan units help manufacturers harness the power of real-time performance data to adjust enclosure cooling and monitor maintenance and upkeep needs. But the Blue e+ Filter Fan EC cooling units are compatible with our online configuration tools, particularly our new RiTherm climate control tool.

The ability to create end-to-end digitization of the climate control configuration process helps engineers design customized enclosure cooling units that are engineered for specific industrial applications. This helps accelerate speed-to-market and it provides manufactures with enhanced climate control flexibility and versatility.

Plus, designing a filter fan solution using our RiTherm design platform provides detailed calculations and recommendations for high-performance enclosure climate control that is mindful of energy consumption to help reduce a manufacturer’s carbon footprint.

The Blue e+ Filter Fan EC cooling unit is also compatible with a variety of other digital configuration tools, including our RiPanel and Eplan’s ProPanel CAE software. With a more connected ecosystem, manufacturers can experience greater visibility and transparency into each step of the cooling unit configuration process, from design to delivery.

The new Rittal Blue e+ Filter Fan EC enclosure cooling unit can help manufacturers simplify the cooling process and unlock more efficient, targeted enclosure climate control.

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