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Rittal is committed to working with strong partners such as Eplan to offer concrete solutions that will help you successfully overcome whatever challenges you are currently facing in your particular industry.

Industry solutions

Making a success of digitalization

We all agree – if companies want to safeguard their business over the long term, they need to be more systematic than ever in using end-to-end data along with standardized processes and solutions to streamline their operations. Climate protection is now also a highly topical issue, and this increased awareness means companies need to combine economy and ecology.

We have therefore developed a flexible, modular system that also provides custom, made-to-measure solutions. Our focus is on providing the best possible support for your value chains and processes. Wherever industry and IT are growing closer, Rittal has the perfect solution.

Automotive manufacturing

Automation in Automotive: How Simplified Industrial Automation Solutions Cut The Complexities of a Global Market

In today’s increasingly competitive and rapidly changing automotive environment, manufacturers are faced with accomplishing more with less. Supply chain instability, labor shortages, sustainability initiatives, and shifts in consumer behavior such as...

Food and beverage processing

How Optimized Food and Beverage Automation Elevates Food Safety and Drives Growth and Productivity

The food and beverage industry is one of rapid change and growth, resulting in significant challenges for food and beverage producers in creating a flexible automation framework that balances the uncertainties of today’s global landscape.

Retail and logistics

How Warehouse Automation Solutions Can Help Grow Your Material Handling and Logistics Operations

The material handling and logistics industry has experienced significant changes in the last few years alone. Material handlers and their automation and retail partners need smart, flexible warehouse automation solutions to balance these shifts.

Machine Builders Panel Builders and Systems Integrators

Simplified Solutions for Automated Industrial Enclosure Modification and Control Panel Manufacturing

End-to-end process optimization for industrial enclosure modification and control panel manufacturing has emerged as a mission-critical element for automation architects across a variety of industry applications to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and...

Industrial Product Solutions

Infinite possibilities

Benefit from a unique and unparalleled modular system platform. Our products solve problems, accelerate operations, boost productivity and help to protect the environment. With a smart system architecture comprised of individual modules - enclosures, climate control, power distribution, automation systems and software & service - our solutions provide the ultimate in modular design.

Industrial enclosures

Flexibility, Scalability, and Protection: How the Right Industrial Enclosures Fuel Automated Manufacturing

The path toward optimized production sequences begins with identifying the right industrial enclosure solution to adequately protect mission-critical electronics, scale production infrastructure, and operate production programs with flexibility.

Industrial and IT infrastructure climate control

Efficient Climate Control Systems Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs For More Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Regardless of whether you’re in the automotive, food and beverage, or retail and logistics industry, the need for smart, integrated industrial climate control solutions that increase energy efficiency and reduce costs is greater than ever before.

Rittal automation systems

How Automated Enclosure Modification and Wire Processing Save Time and Reduce Costs

The ability to source precise enclosure milling and cutting, drilling, and wire processing without delay or downtime is a significant challenge for manufacturers due to several factors.

Digital transformation

The Importance of Computer-Aided Engineering Software For A Connected Value Chain

More than any other time in modern manufacturing, production programs are driven by technology that takes what were once manual, tedious, and error-prone tasks and brings them into a digital, automated sphere.

Industrial power distribution

Busbar Systems Allow for Compact Power Distribution in Enclosures and Control Cabinets

Busbar systems are becoming the predominant solution for manufacturers across nearly all global industries as a safer, more effective, and efficient method of powering control cabinets.

IT Infrastructure solutions

Flexible and powerful

Our IT solutions are based on high-performance network and server racks in all sizes – from standalone rack applications to fully configured data centers. Our solutions cover the entire value chain – from configuration, production, logistics and any reworking required on customer premises all the way through to smart maintenance and service solutions.

Edge computing

Comprehensive IT solutions to Optimize the Physical Edge deployment

Different organizations may have different Edge computing definitions, opinions on where the Edge is, or what Edge architecture looks like. Yet, the essence of The Edge can be distilled down to its key benefits.


Colocation Facilities

As data storage and management needs continue to expand and density pack increases, more and more businesses are offloading IT infrastructure to colocation.

A data center that fits your application

Standardized. Customizable. Introducing the RiMatrix micro data center.

Prompted by the trend towards decentralization, Rittal has devised a new type of data center. RiMatrix Micro Data Centers offer globally standardized, complete data center physical infrastructure solutions to meet your requirements.

Innovative solutions using data center containers

Data center container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology

Growing data volumes and escalating demands on IT infrastructure often lead to space constraints in legacy IT environments, which were not designed for the data throughputs and power densities seen in many modern data centers today.