5 Things to Know About the VX SE Floormount Enclosure System

November 28 2023

Product insight

As the landscape of modern manufacturing continues to change and evolve, today’s manufacturers need increased industrial enclosure versatility, particularly when it comes to floormount enclosures. Recent trends, like retrofitting for warehouse automation and the need to reduce your automation footprint, are pushing manufacturers to source enclosures that offer high levels of protection and durability without sacrificing flexibility or ease of integration.

The new Rittal VX SE Floormount enclosure system fits the bill. The new VX SE Floormount Enclosure takes the innovative design of its predecessor, the VX SE Freestanding enclosure, and advances it to create a unibody industrial enclosure that can meet the production demands of almost any application.

Here, we’ll look at five things you should know about the new VX SE Floormount enclosure system to help you understand how and why this product is poised to be a real game-changer for those looking to create a more efficient, reliable automation infrastructure.

1. The VX SE Floormount enclosure is available in a variety of standard sizes to accommodate a range of applications

Available in seven standard sizes with widths up to 1800 mm and depths of up to 300 mm, the VX SE Floormount enclosure is an off-the-shelf solution that can easily integrate with your existing automation infrastructure. The new VX SE Floormount can also be configured with or without the mounting legs based on the layout of your factory floor or the footprint of your automation system. Plus, the simplified design of the side panels and roof allow for reduced ordering and configuration lead time to help prioritize productivity.

2. The new VX SE Floormount enclosure offers more internal flexibility

One of the more common misconceptions about unibody enclosures is that they lack configuration flexibility. The truth of the matter is that a unibody enclosure like the VX SE Floormount model provides increased interior flexibility via more configuration options for panel wiring and cable management.

The single-piece body construction provides a great deal of flexibility in accommodating greater volumes of panels, wires, and cables, each of which is critical for large scale manufacturing environments — think food and beverage manufacturers, or those in the logistics space, like material handlers. This makes the VX SE Floormount enclosure the ideal choice when a compact enclosure is too small, but your production parameters don’t call for a bayed enclosure system.

3. Speed-to-market is the name of the game with the VX SE Floormount enclosure

Accelerating your speed-to-market is key in helping to grow your market share, and it’s also vital in adapting to changes in consumer demand — for example, the recent surge in pet food production has prompted traditional food & beverage manufacturers to quickly launch their own pet food lines.

The simplified design and engineering of the VX SE Floormount enclosure reduces assembly time and makes deployment faster than ever before. For instance, printed pitch patterns on each mounting panel allows components to be easily positioned on the mounting plate without the need for measurements. Plus, the integrated 25mm hole pattern on the internal mounting flanges make interior installation processes a snap.

What’s more, quick install accessories such as partial mounting panels and light kits can be added quickly during the integration process to help customize your enclosure to your specific manufacturing needs. Customizations on the VX SE Floormount Enclosure can be completed on the factory floor with nothing more than standard tooling to help maximize production uptime.

4. The new VX SE Floormount enclosure prioritizes protection and security

With the new VX SE Floormount enclosure, manufacturers can facilitate an automation ecosystem based on next level safety, security, and protection. The VX SE Floormount enclosure is produced using a single piece of carbon steel for maximum stability and torsional rigidity. IP 55 and NEMA 12/3R ratings offer superior protection in the harshest of indoor and outdoor applications.

Plus, the new VX SE Floormount enclosure features solid side panels and roof to help eliminate the gaps between the roof, side panel, and enclosure frame. This helps prevent the buildup of dirt deposits, and an innovative drip shield protects the door and gasket from pooling water.

What’s more, the VX SE Floormount enclosure uses vandal-proof engineering to prevent unauthorized enclosure entry — this makes our new floormount enclosure ideal for more remote or isolated applications, particularly those in an outdoor setting.

5. The VX SE Floormount enclosure utilizes smart enclosure design principles for greater efficiency

Just like the VX SE Freestanding model, the VX SE Floormount enclosure is engineered using Industry 4.0 and IIoT principles to help increase the efficiency of your production programs — this also helps increase the safety of your manufacturing facility. The single-piece design concept helps ensure good EMC properties, and a smart design approach helps ensure the side panels, roof, and enclosure frame are conductively connected to reduce the need for additional bonding/earthing.

The lack of additional bonding/earthing also makes it more efficient to integrate a variety of Rittal climate control units, including our AC and fan-and-filter units, which can be easily secured to the enclosure.  

Plus, the VX SE Floormount enclosure is easily integrated with Eplan’s suite of computer-aided engineering (CAE) software to help streamline the enclosure configuration process, and generate more detailed, transparent schematics that can be easily stored or shared as needed.

With the new Rittal VX SE Floormount enclosure, manufacturers can harness a new world of protection, reliability, and flexibility for a range of applications, from food & beverage production to material handling and logistics. Learn more about the new Rittal VX SE Floormount enclosure.