4 Reasons Why Assemblers and Installers Love the TS 8 Modular Enclosure

August 02 2023

Product spotlight

Ask today’s manufacturers about their most pressing challenges, and you’ll likely hear a common refrain — the need for a more flexible automation infrastructure that can be scaled or configured quickly and easily to accommodate space constraints in either new or retrofitted facilities.

While modular industrial enclosures can help manufacturers unlock the efficiency and versatility they seek, not all modular enclosures are designed and engineered equally, and this can present some significant stumbling blocks for manufacturers with integrating industrial enclosures that can actually help them facilitate more agile manufacturing programs.

Rittal has long been a true pioneer and innovator in a more modular approach to industrial enclosure design, to the point that assemblers and installers across a variety of industries put our TS 8 modular enclosure in a category all its own. Here, we’ll look at four reasons why assemblers and installers love the TS 8 modular enclosure, and how it can help you discover a whole new level of productivity.

The TS 8 comes in a wide range of standard sizes and options

The key word here is standard. Whereas other kinds of modular industrial enclosures actually require modification or the need for specialized tooling in order to assemble and install, the TS 8 modular enclosure is a true off-the-shelf enclosure solution that can be quickly assembled, configured, and deployed into an existing automation infrastructure with minimized downtime.

The TS 8 standard modular enclosure is available in a variety of sizes and in a range of construction materials to seamlessly integrate into any industrial application. Plus, the TS 8 comes with several different NEMA rating options to provide enhanced protection for durable, reliable performance that maximizes uptime and reduces maintenance intervals and costs.

For example, just some of the standard TS 8 construction materials and NEMA options include:

  • Type 3R, Type 4, and Type 12 Carbon Steel
  • Type 4X Stainless 304, Type 4X Stainless 316, and Type 4X SS Disc Module

Each iteration of the TS 8 is also available in a wide range of dimensions for a truly versatile enclosure that is designed to go wherever you need. For example, the TS 8 carbon steel enclosure is available in height dimensions ranging from 1200-2200 mm; widths of 400 to 1800 mm; and depths of 400 to 800 mm.

In addition to this wide range of dimensions, each TS 8 modular enclosure is easily bayable using just a handful of standard clamps, gaskets, brackets, and a small number of factory tools in order to create an industrial enclosure solution that can be specifically configured for your manufacturing environment.

The TS 8 offers a variety of mounting options without sacrificing durability

Flexibility in how mounting panels are configured is crucial to helping manufacturers maximize the wiring capacity of their enclosures. Not only does this optimize the performance of each enclosure, but it can also help reduce the number of industrial enclosures necessary to power your automation system.

The TS 8 standard modular enclosure is designed with multiple mounting levels inside the enclosure for greater flexibility of panel wiring options. Each mounting panel is fully adjustable and comes with the required hardware to accelerate the assembly and installation process. The standard TS 8 also includes slide rails that can be used anywhere inside the enclosure to streamline the in field wiring and configuration process. 

This mounting panel flexibility can, with other enclosures, come at the expense of strength and rigidity, and this can increase the chance of damage to the components inside the enclosure. The mounting panels of the TS 8, however, can support loads of up to 1,350 pounds, and partitions can be installed in just a matter of minutes using standardized tools that nearly all assemblers and installers have on hand. 

The doors and hinges on the TS 8 can be quickly and easily reversed

Enclosure door removal can be a critical value proposition for assemblers and installers because it helps reduce the footprint of the assembled solution, simplifies the wiring configurations inside the enclosure, and streamlines maintenance tasks or the procurement of spare parts.

In addition, the ability to remove and reverse the door and hinge assembly without the need for multiple assemblers and installers can help manufacturers overcome labor shortages and maximize the productivity of assemblers and installers.

The TS 8 door utilizes a 4-point latching system, foamed-in-place gaskets, and captive hinge pins to prevent the intrusion of harmful airborne particles and unauthorized entry. Even with this high level of protection, the user-friendly engineering of the TS 8 door and hinge assembly means the door can be removed and reversed in just a few simple steps with nothing more than a flat blade screwdriver and a 30mm Torx bit.

In fact, see for yourself how easy it is to remove and reverse the door and hinge assembly of the TS 8:

The sidewalls of the TS 8 are easy to fasten and secure

The ability to fasten and secure sidewalls with reliable bonding and sealing is important for adequate protection of the components within the enclosure, and to also protect other pieces of automation equipment or factory personnel that could be damaged or hurt in the event the sidewalls fail. Ensuring this kind of bonding and sealing usually requires a large quantity of screws and fasteners, and it can be a time-intensive process to properly secure these sidewalls.

With the TS 8, enclosure sidewalls can be secured with just six thread-in screws that easily integrate with bonded metal fasteners. What’s more, ground studs at the front, rear, and bottom of the enclosure make for a more durable installation without the need for specialized tools or hardware.

This simplified sidewall installation process significantly reduces the time and resources necessary to tailor the TS 8 to specific application needs or challenges, and this makes the TS 8 a valuable asset in helping assemblers and installers optimize their workflows.

But these are just a couple of reasons why assemblers and installers make the Rittal TS 8 their modular enclosure of choice.

Download our interactive video guide for assemblers and installers to learn more about how the TS 8 can help you unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity.