How Rittal’s RiTherm Climate Control Design Tool Helps Manufacturers Configure More Sustainable Enclosure Cooling Units

February 16 2024

Software insight

The modern manufacturing industry has made some significant strides in the last decade to create more sustainable production practices that help decrease energy consumption and reduce the impact on the environment. Energy-efficient enclosure climate control has been especially key for manufacturers in better managing their energy usage and unlocking new technologies and processes to help reduce waste.

The digitization of industrial enclosure cooling units via more intuitive user interfaces, real-time performance data, and mobile monitoring have helped manufacturers create more targeted, efficient cooling, but Rittal’s new RiTherm climate control design software is poised to change the game by simplifying and accelerating the process of configuring highly-efficient, sustainable cooling units.

Here, let’s take a look at Rittal’s new RiTherm design platform to demonstrate how this software will help automation architects configure the next generation of sustainable enclosure climate control systems.

How does the RiTherm climate control design platform work?

Housed entirely in the Eplan Cloud, the new RiTherm software helps create a more connected automation ecosystem by making it faster, easier, and more transparent than ever before to configure or modify custom, energy-efficient cooling units. This free online tool includes a variety of exciting new digital design capabilities, including:

  • Calculations and recommendations for suitable enclosure climate control systems for all environmental challenges
  • The option to specify altitude (this  influences cooling output), which is ideal for outdoor manufacturing conditions
  • Precise calculation for bayed enclosure suites
  • Recommendations for suitable and corresponding accessories for your enclosure climate control system

What really takes RiTherm to a whole new level of design and configuration capability is the integration of an energy calculator that helps automation architects understand with greater clarity the precise cooling outputs required for efficient enclosure cooling. The calculator accounts for a variety of deployment variables to determine the ideal cooling outputs based on specific industrial enclosure configurations.

This capability allows designers to meet the cooling output requirements and sustainability goals of each individual customer and provide tailored climate control solutions for a variety of industrial applications. As a result, automation architects can design enclosure climate systems that meet sustainability goals and reduce waste without sacrificing cooling outputs.

Some other features of the RiTherm calculator include:

  • Energy efficiency calculation for specific climate zones
  • Recommendations for more energy-efficient alternatives
  • Calculation of the climate control carbon footprint, from delivery through to operation
  • Information on F-gasses/Global Warming Potential (GWP)

The RiTherm also simplifies the creation and storage of compliance documents. As part of the design process, the RiTherm tool generates certificates of heat-dissipation compliance to help save time and money in cooling unit deployment. Engineered for global use, RiTherm is compatible with 15 different languages and features a mobile app to help designers configure efficient cooling solutions on-the-go.  

What are the benefits of the RiTherm?

RiTherm’s recommendations for designing energy-efficient climate control systems not only helps you meet your customer cooling needs, these recommendations also make it possible to create custom enclosure cooling units that can meet the climate control requirements of very specific applications. This capability can help you reach new customers in growth-oriented industries like the material handling, power & energy, and automotive manufacturing sectors.

What’s more, the fact that RiTherm operates in the Eplan Cloud enhances the transparency and visibility of the cooling unit design process. This helps remove information silos within your company and unifies a larger number of stakeholders with a common goal of increasing the sustainability of your manufacturing programs.

Aside from creating more sustainable enclosure cooling, this more integrated approach to climate system design and engineering saves time, money, and resources by accelerating your speed-to-market and delivery windows to help you maximize uptime and facilitate more consistent production.

The new RiTherm design and configuration tool demonstrates our continued commitment to helping manufacturers meet the challenges of today’s manufacturing industry. With an emphasis on connectivity, productivity, and reducing carbon emissions and waste, the RiTherm can help you create the ideal enclosure cooling unit for your specific application.

Take the first step toward more sustainable, targeted enclosure climate control and try the new RiTherm design tool for yourself.