Jun 2, 2023

Product Accolades

Rittal Awarded Control Engineering 2023 Product of the Year Gold Award for Blue e+ S Smart Cooling Units for Enclosures

Schaumburg, IL, June 2, 2023 – Rittal North America, a global manufacturer and system solutions provider of industrial and IT enclosures is proud to receive the Control Engineering 2023 Product of the Year Gold Award for their Blue e+ S smart cooling units for enclosures in the category of electrical enclosures, electrical panels. Rittal is leading the transition to new efficient technologies across the industrial and IT space by providing solutions to meet the demands of manufacturers, machine builders, panel builders, and system integrators as well as limit supply chain disruptions.

Control Engineering subscribers voted to identify the products they felt were the most exceptional based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact. “Today more than ever, innovative solutions that are also designed with sustainability in mind, such as the Blue e+ S smart cooling units, make manufacturing and other control engineering applications more efficient through smart applications of new technologies. Investments in the best products and software can help solve the most pressing challenges in automation, control, and instrumentation,” according to Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering content manager.

Rittal’s Blue e+ S has lower output categories of .3 kW, .5 kW, and 1 kW and offers smart capabilities and innovative energy-saving features for the production process – providing an average of 75% energy savings. Alongside energy efficiency, the new Blue e+ S also reduces the carbon footprint by using a refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is 56% lower than those used in comparable cooling units.

Solutions that reduce the carbon footprint during production are in high demand. But at the same time, these solutions need to be intelligent and communication-enabled so that they can be easily integrated into digitalized manufacturing environments. With the additional smart functions of the Blue e+ S, the new cooling unit also helps in the digitalization process.

Rittal is committed to developing sustainable solutions and driving innovation in the industrial and IT space within the U.S. and globally to foster the expansion of Industry 4.0. We provide the tools and solutions needed to support the ongoing technological and environmental shifts across a variety of facilities and industries that continue to advance their automation and technology capabilities.

“To be selected by the Control Engineering readers for a gold award for Rittal’s climate control is affirmation of our innovative, smart, and sustainable solutions as well as our trusted brand in the U.S.,” states Andreas Ruzic, Chief Executive Officer of Rittal USA and Executive Vice President of Rittal North America. “This latest generation of Blue e+ S cooling units for enclosures have been designed for efficiency helping to ensure a smaller footprint, provide energy savings, minimize CO2 emissions, and lower costs.”

For more information on Rittal’s Blue e+ S enclosure cooling units visit https://rittal.us/blue-e-s, for additional information on how Rittal’s climate control solutions can help reduce the carbon footprint of machines and systems visit https://rittal.us/co2-footprint or contact us via at email: rittal@rittal.us or by phone: 800-477-4000.

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Rittal North America, LLC is a global manufacturer and system solutions provider of industrial and IT enclosures, racks, and accessories, including cooling solutions and power management systems for industrial, data center, outdoor, and hybrid applications. Rittal provides innovative, high-quality solutions for practically any industrial or IT infrastructure application, from single enclosures to comprehensive, mission critical systems. Products are tested and certified to the appropriate standards that apply, including UL, CSA, ATEX, NEMA, and more.

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