Jan 30, 2024

Software News

Rittal’s New RiTherm Enclosure Climate Control Tool Digitalizes the Design of Powerful, Sustainable Cooling Units

Schaumburg, IL, January 30, 2024 – Rittal LLC, a global leader in industrial and IT enclosures, introduces the new RiTherm enclosure climate control design platform to simplify and accelerate the design of powerful, sustainable cooling units.

The new RiTherm enclosure climate control software offers a variety of exciting new features that can help manufacturers create more sustainable cooling practices. An energy efficiency calculator helps designers balance required enclosure cooling outputs in a variety of environments with an eye toward reducing energy consumption. This calculator also provides critical insight into how manufacturers can reduce their overall carbon footprint without sacrificing cooling output.

RiTherm’s integrated calculator helps designers determine the ideal cooling outputs based on specific industrial enclosure configurations. This capability allows designers to meet the cooling output requirements and sustainability goals of each individual customer and provide tailored climate control solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

This new software operates entirely in the Eplan Cloud. Not only does this completely digitalize cooling unit design in service of creating a more connected ecosystem, but it also makes it faster than before to configure or modify custom, energy-efficient cooling units.

The RiTherm tool continues to drive value through prioritizing documentation by generating certificates of heat-dissipation compliance to help save time and money in cooling unit deployment. Engineered for global use, RiTherm is compatible with 15 different languages and features a mobile app to help designers configure efficient cooling solutions on-the-go.  

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