Aug 8, 2022

Create a solution in 3 easy steps!

New Rittal Power Isolation Enclosure Selector Tool Makes it Easy to Configure Power Isolation Solutions

Schaumburg, IL, August 8, 2022 – Rittal North America, a global manufacturer of industrial and IT enclosures, introduces the new Power Isolation Enclosure Selector Tool – designed to help prevent arc flash related hazards. The new tool allows users to design a solution in three easy steps that is unique to their application.

Human error is the most common cause of arc flash injuries; while there are many safety protocols that can be followed to help keep people safe from the risk of arc flash, mistakes do happen. The best way to help prevent potentially deadly mistakes and arc flash exposure from occurring is to keep the enclosure closed where electrified equipment is housed. Rittal’s Power Isolation Enclosure Selector Tool helps to design a solution with TS 8 enclosures that can limit exposure.

In industrial settings, it is especially important to follow proper arc flash prevention guidelines to help keep personnel safe. This requires a joint effort between electrical engineers and end users. It is the responsibility of the electrical engineer to design the system with the proper arc flash protection hazard, but the end user is responsible for applying and maintaining the safety requirements. Rittal’s power isolation solution helps engineers design the ideal system for their application with arc flash prevention in mind.

The foundation of the power isolation enclosure system is the TS 8 enclosure with up to four partitions. The system must be cable operated and pass through the partition wall between the TS 8 disconnect enclosure and the TS 8 isolator enclosure – helping to ensure access is not granted when the system is energized. Users can build a solution unique to their application in three easy steps:

  1. Select the isolator enclosure – determined by the main disconnect requirements
  2. Select the Flange Mount Disconnect (FMD) enclosure – based on the required width to house the main controls and components
  3. Determine the high / low voltage enclosure (optional step) – based on the required width to house additional controls and components

The online Power Isolation Enclosure Selector Tool has everything needed to configure a customizable solution using standard TS 8 enclosure and accessory part numbers. Using a combination of the TS 8 disconnect enclosure with accessories such as partition walls, baying kits, and interconnection, a design to suit unique applications is possible while helping to decrease the risk of personnel being exposed to arc flash related risks.

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