Nov 19, 2020

Excellence in IT Has Arrived

Rittal Unveils New TS IT Pro Server Rack Enclosures

Rittal North America has announced the launch of its new TS IT Pro enclosures. These new cabinets are designed to meet the requirements of today and built with the trends of tomorrow in mind. They are ideal for a range of applications, from large scale deployments ready to roll in place, to high density cooling and cabling solutions. The new TS IT Pro ships complete with a perforated single front door and split rear doors keyed alike, leveling feet, casters, roof with brush baffle cable access channels, and vertical cable walls with dual PDU mountings.

The TS IT Pro is built to handle significantly heavier loads, its sturdiness a result of both structural design and reinforcements in key areas. This flexible and scalable network and server rack solution can be deployed quickly to address a variety of needs, enabling companies to adapt their IT infrastructures to the growing demand for more complex challenges at higher speeds.

“What’s great about the TS IT Pro is that it is designed to handle the increasing rack density and load capacity requirements we see in the market, plus at the customer’s request, features can be selected and installed before shipping. This means customers get their enclosures faster,” states Hans Baumann, Rittal Data Center Solutions Product Manager. “We’ve also added the benefit of durable packaging and palletizing to the TS IT Pro, which means integrators can do installations off-site and then ship to their customers.”

The innovative features of the new TS IT Pro include:

  • Shock pallet packaging for shipping the rack with equipment installed for fast and easy integration on-site
  • Full height rear accessory channels for installation of power distribution, cable management, and additional mounting locations for tool-less accessories
  • Quick-release door handles can be easily moved to the opposite side or interchanged with rear doors
  • Easy-to-remove doors to create additional workspace during installation
  • Increased cable openings to accommodate growing cable densities and larger PDU

These and other features make the TS IT Pro ideal for single rack or container solutions, centralized data centers, distributed edge deployments or high-scale Colocation, Cloud, and Hyperscale data centers.

For more information, visit or reach out to the Rittal Data Center Solutions Team at (847) 240-4630 or

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