EMC concept

For optimum electromagnetic compatibility

EMC concept

For optimum electromagnetic compatibility

Electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields are all around us, and in the vicinity of enclosures and equipment cases.

This electromagnetic environment can become an interference factor for technical systems. Additionally, the devices themselves can create electromagnetic fields during operation, which may likewise produce interference in the environment or may even be destructive.

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Regular EM fields

Shielding against regular electromagnetic interference fields

Interference fields can affect the device from the environment, and can also be generated during operation of the device itself and affect the environment. This applies both to industrial applications and to devices in the home environment.

Intensive EM fields

Shielding against particularly intensive electromagnetic interference fields

Particularly intensive electromagnetic interference fields can arise, for example, with microwave drying, spark erosion systems and high-frequency welding systems. Standard Rittal enclosures are often insufficient in such cases. Instead, we recommend...

Rittal practical assembly tips:

EMC-compatible enclosure assembly

EMC competency network

We are members of the EMC competency network and can provide you with expert support on all aspects of EMC. Here you will find an overview of collaboration between experts from various companies, training organizations, trade associations and universities: