Anti-fingerprint / anti-graffiti

Dirt doesn't stand a chance

The ancient Greeks knew it: Our universe is comprised of tiny particles. Today, this knowledge is benefiting researchers. Nano-technology prevents penetration into the atomic sphere, and thereby prevents changes to material structures in the nanometre range.

Nano-coatings create a sealed surface in which the tiniest particles are arranged contiguously. The benefits are obvious: Dirt doesn't stand a chance. No more fingerprints on keyboards and touchscreens. Dirt cannot stick to the surface, and where it does, it is easily removed. Even graffiti is easily destroyed using a pressure washer. The use of this technology is not only attractive in the outdoor sector, but also in the exterior circuit of heat exchangers, where reducing contamination helps to preserve long-term performance:

Transforming visions into products.


Minimising free surface energy with chemical nano-technology.

Self-organising anti-adherence structures.

Product properties

Transparent, adheres well to the substrate.

Permanent, inert surface protection with good mechanical and chemical resistance.


Permanent hydrophobation and oleophobation i.e. effectively repels water and organic liquids.

Anti-adherent properties means less dirt and easier cleaning; graffiti can be removed with a pressure washer.

Application areas

Spray-finished surfaces (including powder-coating).

Stainless steel surfaces.