Surface finishes plus

Extended testing procedures at Rittal

Surface Protection Plus, our extended testing procedure, tests materials at system level. In other words, the entire product, rather than just the individual part, undergoes testing in the relevant application spectrum.

  • Geometric influences are also taken into account
  • Testing with real test media
  • Optimum material selection and combination
  • Test procedure for corrosion protection (component-oriented and design-focused)

Dependency of corrosion on the local ambient conditions, e.g. corrosion rates with low-alloy steel :

  Average corrosion rates in μm/annum
  North Sea Mediterranean Persian Gulf
Atmosphere 50-70    
Spray water zone 140 140 190
Alternating immersion zone 80 50 50
Low water zone 210 160 130
Permanent immersion zone 30 40 40
Sea bed 20    

According to standard regulations such as EN, IEC, ASTM

Pros: Identical scale, comparable
Cons: Purely component-based (e.g. sheet metals only)

  • Testing at system level (complete product rather than individual parts)
  • Geometry influences are also tested (edges, gaps, ..)
  • Testing with real test media

Pros: Practical, optimum choice and combination of materials for the relevant application spectrum (coated steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zinc)

  • Avoidance and sealing of gaps
  • Suitable material pairings
  • Organic coating wherever possible