Brewery Operation

Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability in Brewery Operations with the Rittal Blue e+ AC Solutions

Snapshot: A large US brewery with multiple locations updated their enclosure cooling solutions and vastly improved energy efficiency.


The age and inefficiency of cooling systems can be a silent yet impactful disruptor in industrial automation applications. This held especially true for a leading US-based brewery with multiple locations that grappled with the adverse effects of aging AC units on energy efficiency. Faced with escalating energy consumption, cabinet heat challenges, and the cumbersome procurement of spare parts for outdated competitor units, the brewery sought a strategic partner to revitalize its operations. Rittal emerged as the prominent provider by offering a holistic solution to not only reduce energy usage but also improve operational efficiency and sustainability.

Customer Challenge

As industrial processes evolve, the demands on cooling systems intensify, necessitating efficient, technologically advanced solutions. The brewery's existing AC units, with an average service life exceeding 15 years, posed a triple threat: escalating energy consumption, inefficient enclosure heat loads, and a dwindling availability of spare parts. The cumulative effect was a compromise in operational efficiency and an increased risk of system shutdowns. Without a comprehensive cooling infrastructure solution to all three of these issues, the brewery could have soon faced serious production complications and halts to automation lines.

The Rittal Solution

Rittal stepped up to the plate to transform the adverse impact of the outdated AC units into an opportunity for optimal operational efficiency. The initial step involved an in-depth AC unit report, which delved into efficiency analyses and outlined the changes necessary to substantially reduce the number of AC models from 72 to a streamlined 10. In parallel, Rittal conducted meticulous heat calculations, ensuring a precise match between AC units and specific cabinet requirements to provide a precise and wholly effective cooling solution. Another consideration for the customer was multi-voltage capability across all output classes, which the Blue e+ offers. Various voltages in use around the world typically call for different AC components, but the Blue e+ provides a single solution for all voltages and systems. This makes global deployments simple and allows for streamlined scalability and expansion. The brewery's embrace of Rittal's powerful Blue e+ and Blue e+ S AC units marked a significant shift in its approach to climate control.

About the Blue e+

Rittal's Blue e+ and Blue e+ S AC units offer the most optimal energy efficiency savings on the market. With benefits ranging from multi-voltage support for global applications to extended service life and user-friendly features, the Blue e+ series epitomizes the future in enclosure climate control. Its incorporation of both passive and active climate control mechanisms provides a consistent temperature within the enclosure rather than a fluctuating one for superior efficiency gains and optimal performance.

Measurable Results

The transition to Rittal's Blue e+ AC units yielded immediate and tangible results. Swift replacement of aging units resulted in an impressive average energy saving ranging between 82% to 85%. The success was easily repeated across multiple locations, prompting the brewery to standardize Rittal AC units as a mark of operational reliability and efficiency. Boasting the highest Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) on the market at 7,2, the Blue e+ and Blue e+ S AC units offered an excellent level of sustainable cooling with a dependable and lasting design.

Next Steps – IoT Interface Integration

The next steps for this customer are for Rittal to integrate the IoT interface with the Blue e+ units to bring enhanced remote monitoring. The customer was concerned about not being able to have active oversight to maintain the AC units due to the size of their facilities. However, by implementing the IoT Interface, the customer will gain the ability to proactively monitor the status and performance of AC units, ensuring immediate awareness of any downtimes and streamlining maintenance and repair efforts across large-scale plants.

A complete service package will also be included to ensure that AC units remain up-to-date and free of issues. By providing the customer with a reliable resource for repairs and unit replacements when needed, Rittal and the customer continue to establish a strong partnership. With Rittal's service package, the customer will have peace of mind knowing that their critical climate control infrastructure is in capable hands.


Rittal's strategic partnership with this large US brewery not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned them for sustained growth and improved environmental stewardship. The brewery's journey with Rittal marked a transformative shift where energy efficiency, operational reliability, and sustainability seamlessly converged. Through cutting-edge climate control solutions, dependable monitoring via the IoT Interface, and an AC service package, Rittal helped set the stage for a future where the brewery’s industrial automation efforts could be consistently bolstered.

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