Data centre in just seven months

The forecast for the China’s economy continues to show growth. This also increases the demand for IT systems and big data centres. However, instead of building their own data centres, many companies prefer to source IT services from the Cloud. This saves having to make investments in IT hardware and makes it possible to quickly and flexibly access the required IT capacity. Chindata Co. Ltd., one of the biggest Chinese providers of cloud- and colocation services, was tasked with implementing a new data centre as quickly as possible, and to that end, selected Rittal as the partner for the conception and implementation.

Together with Rittal, we were successful in setting up, in the record time of just seven months, a completely new hyperscale computing centre. The Rittal experts surprised us with their innovative ideas for the cooling concept and the modular structure of the IT racks.
Jessica Song, Vice President, Director of Planning and Design Academy at Chindata

Chindata already runs nine large data centres at strategic locations in China, i.e. Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Shanxi and Hebei as well as 220 smaller data centres. The new data centre, “Guanting Lake New Media Big Data Industry Base” with an area of over 130,000 sqm and an IT output of up to 16 MW is among the biggest data centres in China.

One of the success factors for the fast setting-up was the precise planning and concordance between the construction management of the building and the Rittal experts. This allowed, for example, parallel working on the data centre components even during the construction phase. Rittal implemented pre-configured modularly structured components in steps in the data centre, keeping step with the progress of the construction. With this closely coordinated procedure and the modular concept, ultimately, it was possible to set up a fully functional data centre in the record time of just seven months.

In the new hyperscale data centre, Rittal installed a modified variant of the Rittal TS8 enclosure system. In this variant, the IT racks have 52 height units. Through an intelligent rack-energy distribution module, Chindata can control individual drawers and using the monitoring module, acquire the energy consumption precisely. More than 8,000 Rittal TS8 IT-racks and more than 250 hot aisle containment systems have been installed. Chindata is already planning the construction of more cloud data centres and in future too, will count on Rittal as its solution partner for the conception and implementation.


Peking, China

Only limited amount of time for building a new DC
130,000 sqm and IT output of about 16 MW


Precise planning and concordance between the construction management of the building and Rittal
Deployment of pre-configured and modular componantens
More than 8,000 TS8 IT-racks and 250 hot aisles containment systems