Energy saving with Rittal Blue e+

EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH is a leading manufacturer of mechanical and electronic access solutions. More than 200 national and international patents are proof of the innovative capabilities of this family-run company, which currently employs a staff of about 750 all over Europe; of these, about 460 are in the headquarters in Vienna. In the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, the company has decided to focus on sustainability. Innovative components like the new cooling unit series Blue e+ from Rittal help EVVA to save energy.

Our collaboration with Rittal is very good - our contact persons are immediately available. And if there is a problem, every effort is made to see that it is resolved immediately. As regards service too, the Rittal staff are top class.
Herbert Reininger, Division Head of Production, at EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH
Innovative components like the new cooling unit series Blue e+ from Rittal help EVVA to save energy.

Energy guzzler cooling stopped

The best ecological intents can only be realised if there are suitable technologies on the market. One of them originated from the Rittal company and is a cooling unit called Blue e+. In its design, Rittal has placed its trust on a patented hybrid technology in combination with an innovative inverter controller. This hybrid technology of the device series Blue e+ works based on an interplay between a compressor cooling device and a heat pipe. The compressor only comes into play if the passive cooling is not sufficient any more. The first test results in the industry promise 75 percent energy saving.

House visits for cooling units

Apart from efficient working of the cooling units, the subject of service and maintenance is just as important, and can result in energy saving. In succession, 26 EVVA cooling units were included in a maintenance contract with Rittal. For this purpose, Rittal's own service bus for repairs and maintenance is on the road all over Austria. And also on board is this mobile refrigeration service workshop: a large number of tools and spare parts as well as stock of nitrogen and refrigerant. From this service workshop, the service engineer can carry out any required repairs and maintenance work on cooling units at the site. In addition to an assess-ment of the general state, inner cleaning of the units is also carried out. Thanks to these regular checks, the equipment can work more efficiently and the service life gets lengthened.


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Vienna, Austria

Focus on sustainability
Energy efficient cooling in manufacturing processes
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Service for 26 cooling units and regular checks for efficient processes as well as long service performance of cooling units