Gemamex Motion Co.

Sofia – electric buses rapidly charged thanks to the VX25

Thirty electric buses are in service in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia. The charging infrastructure consists of Rittal VX25 enclosures, specially assembled into a three-unit combination for Gemamex, the manufacturer of the fast-charging stations.

Electromobility is a major issue for urban transport companies all over the world. At the beginning of 2020, electric buses were put into operation by Stolichen Avtotransport, the public bus company for the Bulgarian capital city of Sofia. The buses come from Chariot Motors, while the fast-charging stations are from Gemamex Motion Co.

These stations are in-house developments based on inverter technology, and they can charge both supercapacitor and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The stations are designed for AC or DC power supplies and are available for outputs of up to 450 kW per module.

We appreciate the help of the Rittal Bulgaria team, who helped us design the enclosures and provided subsequent logistic support. Our charging stations are in operation in five highly industrialised European countries and are rated positively in terms of functionality, design, and quality of workmanship.
Georgi Genchev, Managing Director of Gemamex Motion Co.

Three enclosures are united to form one

A “3-in-1” type of design for outdoor use was specially developed for the charging stations of the city buses. It comprises three VX25 enclosures joined together, with final dimensions of 1,200 x 2,200 x 1,400 mm (W/H/D).

The enclosures contain, for example, electrical equipment, and frequency inverters, and they are each with three 150-kVA transformers. The stations are controlled via a PLC, a sensor video terminal and special signalling and communication equipment. In addition, the enclosures have their climate control, consisting of a special climate control unit for outdoor installation, industrial fans with external grilles and filters, as well as heaters that have to operate within a temperature range of -35 to +45°C.

Thanks to the wide range of Rittal components, Gemamex can easily implement a large variety of charging stations for different power types, with a high IP protection category and – thanks to the powder coating - an attractive design. The stable construction accommodates components weighing 2,600 kg in total. “Nearly 80 percent of the structural elements are from Rittal. This reduced the number of subcontractors and led to time savings in our production process while also cutting the design and material costs,” says Georgi Genchev, Managing Director of Gemamex Motion Co.


Gemamex Motion Co.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Design for charging infrastructure for the electric buses in Sofia

High demands for functionality, design and quality of workmanship

Housing of electrical equipment

Have to work in extreme weather conditions


3 in 1 design

Use of three Rittal VX25 enclosures

Implementation of a large variety of chargin stations for different power types

Staple construction accomodates components weighing 2,600 kg in 

High IP protection category