Case study

Rittal’s Quick-Ship IT Network/Server Racks Exceed the Rapid Deployment Needs of a Pharmaceutical Leader


The success of a complete, efficient, and reliable data space, whether an edge deployment or data center expansion, is often judged on how fast it can be built, no matter the industry. Pharmaceutical companies are no different; the goal is to speed up installation and minimize labor and material costs.

One multinational pharmaceutical company and biotechnology company sought fast IT infrastructure deployments to match their rapid growth goals. Rittal stepped up to the plate to deliver a solution that was not only quick to deploy, but also high-quality, dependable, and scalable with future expansions.

The Challenge

The pharmaceutical company was working to solve a global health crisis, so ramp-up times were critical in getting their networking equipment live. Plus, slight modifications within the racks were required. Adam Tropp, data center solutions national sales manager at Rittal, knew the project—two rooms with two cabinets per room—was not a huge order, but the quick installation deadline would be a challenge.

Why Rittal?

The customer ended up choosing to partner with Rittal thanks to quick deployment speeds and an excellent new product that fit application requirements: the TS IT Pro. The regional stocking position of Rittal—being able to quickly ship with all required details, drawings, support documentation, etc.—proved to be the deciding factor along with this new product line, making Rittal highly competitive in the market.

“Standing up these cabinets quickly was priority #1, so I was thrilled to hear about Rittal’s recently executed regional stocking position,” said the senior project manager from Rittal's Certified Channel Partner. “Short transit times mean faster deployment. Combine that with well-built, highly engineered, easily configured cabinets, and you have a vital off-the-shelf solution in the local region.”

The Rittal Solution

Despite the customer’s time-sensitive challenges, Rittal delivered TS IT Pro cabinets one week ahead of schedule. Dedicated support services complemented the performance benefits of the US-made TS IT Pro, including fully integrated power, cooling, management, security, and access control throughout the system.

“With our local stock, we were able to pull cabinets and accessories to ensure a quick and seamless deployment,” the senior project manager said. “Those are the kinds of capabilities Rittal has to extend our leadership in the industry.”

For this solution, the pharmaceutical company took advantage of Rittal’s Regional Modification Center for vertical cable management integration/installation.

According to the senior project manager, “Cable management had to be placed in the racks to make final cabinet installation easy and repeatable. The cabinets were modified and shipped quickly, showing that Rittal is now incredibly nimble.”

Rittal offers the option to: A) get cabinets shipped directly from stock within 24 hours (and perform any integrations onsite); or B) get them complete with installed components. Either way, the customer receives exactly what they need: a proven quality enclosure with the accessories for their specific application.

About the Rittal TS IT Pro

The TS IT Pro enclosure provides more internal usable volume to support the highest cable and component installation densities. With no internal obstructions, both the 0U space and interstitial space between adjacent enclosures is maximized for installation availability. With USA-based manufacturing, a wide range of accessories, and dimensions currently favored by US colocations, Rittal’s cutting edge platform helps your business unlock the future of colocation.

The Rittal TS IT Pro was a perfect fit for the customer’s requirements. This new IT network/server rack system is configured to meet many applications thanks to a modular and scalable design. The TS IT Pro platform is built around the system being easy to order and ready to ship, with full drawings and specifications available on our website or upon request.

As the world’s largest enclosure manufacturer, Rittal offers an unparalleled range of products and solutions with years of experience providing enclosures to many of the top data center facilities in the world. Our preconfigured designs simplify ordering, reduce deployment costs, and deliver effortless scalability.

The Results

The TS IT Pro proved to be the right solution to match the customer’s requirements and be deployed onsite quickly so the customer could keep up with rapid growth goals. Not only were modifications easily made to meet exacting specifications, but the TS IT Pro platform’s modular design opened doors for future operations with simple scalability and components that can be matched seamlessly within the same system.

Tropp mentioned that having a positive previous relationship with the pharmaceutical company helped inspire this project’s success.

“We’ve enjoyed a 15-year relationship of consistently delivering high-quality IT network/server cabinets, which built a lot of trust, and this project solidified that trust,” he said.

Tropp emphasized that the implementation of the TS IT Pro is ideal for customers like the pharmaceutical company who are looking for an IT infrastructure solution that provides an excellent balance of quality and speedy deployment.

“Our regional stocking position and continuous innovations have allowed us to deploy in quicker times. This provides speed for any deployment: The edge, centralized data centers, high-end colocation, cloud, and hyperscale data centers.”


In meeting the urgent growth needs of a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation, Rittal's TS IT Pro network/server racks proved to be a game-changer. The challenge of rapidly deploying high-quality IT enclosures for two critical data center rooms was not just met but exceeded. Despite facing a tight deadline due to the customer's commitment to solving a global health crisis, Rittal was able to leverage the Regional Modification Center to make system modifications swiftly and deliver ahead of schedule. The successful implementation of the TS IT Pro solution has further developed a trusting partnership between Rittal and the customer.

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