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Transforming IT Edge Infrastructure: JEM Tech Group Meets Rittal Customized Solutions


Maintaining operational efficiency and reliability in IT infrastructures is crucial for businesses across all sectors. The increasing demand for robust and comprehensive edge solutions has become evident as businesses seek to enhance the efficiency and up-time of their valuable IT assets. In this context, JEM Tech Group’s collaboration with Rittal to develop a full-spectrum, modular solution for a major automotive supplier's disaster recovery locations showcases their commitment to pushing typical industry standards in IT infrastructure management.

About JEM Tech Group

A second-generation, woman-owned small business, JEM Tech Group helps customers achieve full optimization of their mission-critical infrastructure in various IT-intensive environments. With hands-on, visionary guidance, JEM Tech Group provides maintenance and manageability of the IT power and cooling infrastructure to multiple industries throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Challenge

JEM Tech Group provides vendor neutral solutions to maintain their customers’ up-time and efficiency of valuable IT assets. Knowing that JEM Tech Group had various options for IT enclosures, Rittal’s customer service rep put extra effort into the budding new relationship by offering forward-thinking ideas, unique solutions, and an ultra-high level of customer attention. One particular JEM Tech Group customer, an automotive supplier, needed an all-in-one, modular solution for their disaster recovery locations within their plants. The challenge was finding a complete edge solution that includes the IT network/server racks, a cooling system, power, monitoring, and fire suppression.

The Rittal Solution

In addressing the unique needs of JEM Tech Group's customer, a prominent automotive supplier, Rittal developed a comprehensive and customized IT edge solution designed for deployment across multiple disaster recovery sites within the customer's plants. This tailored solution included an array of carefully selected components to ensure optimal functionality and protection in challenging environments.

Jami Moore, President of JEM Tech Group, expressed her enthusiasm in working with Rittal to develop this solution, stating, “The advantage of partnering with Rittal is their eagerness to brainstorm forward-thinking ideas that make JEM Tech Group look good. They truly care about protecting us and elevating our brand in our customers’ eyes.”

Each IT enclosure was fitted with glass front viewing doors and solid rear doors, along with robust sidewalls, effectively safeguarding sensitive IT equipment from potential hazards. To maintain consistent and reliable cooling, the solution featured two Blue e+ cooling units mounted on either side of each enclosure. As the Blue e+ is the most energy efficient enclosure cooling system on the market, this ensured redundant cooling capabilities and permitted the highest possible cooling efficiency. This redundancy helps to minimize downtime and maintain system performance in the event of a unit failure. Additionally, the integration of an IoT interface allowed for remote monitoring with real-time insights into the status and health of the contained IT infrastructure, enhancing proactive management and rapid response to any arising issues.

The enclosures were also equipped with a rack-mounted DET-AC fire detection and extinguishing system. Cable management solutions, air baffling, and power distribution unit (PDU) mounting accessories were included to organize and streamline the internal layout of the enclosures for optimized airflow while simplifying maintenance and upgrades.

For security, CMC III code reader units were installed, which provide advanced protection against unauthorized access. The power needs of the edge deployment were comprehensively addressed with the inclusion of PDUs and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems, which help critical IT systems remain operational even in the face of power fluctuations or outages.

Solution Quick Summary

  • A complete, customized IT edge solution to apply across multiple sites
  • Glass front viewing door, solid rear door, and sidewalls
  • Two Blue e+ cooling units mounted to both sides of each enclosure
  • IoT interface
  • Rack-mounted DET-AC fire detection and extinguishing system
  • Cable management, air baffling, PDU mounting accessories
  • CMC III code reader units
  • PDUs and UPS

The Results

An all-in-one edge solution that checks all the performance boxes is an achievement, but it’s not everything. Rittal backed up the system with a commitment to outstanding service, including maximizing ease-of-deployment. It takes dedication to be there from beginning to end, all to serve customers better than they ever expect.

JEM Tech Group and Rittal partnered to get this standardized solution deployed throughout all of the auto supplier’s locations. JEM Tech Group can work with any IT cabinet manufacturer they choose, but they chose the full-service support—equipment, marketing, lead generation, webinars, digital ads, sales support—of Rittal. Now, JEM Tech Group can supply their customers with comprehensive IT solutions with complete IT infrastructure to match and ongoing service.

Regarding the results of working with Rittal, Moore stated, “They get it. Rittal’s solution for mission critical environments is spot-on. Their effort shows they care about us, even though we’re a small business. If you look up ‘partnership’ in the dictionary, Rittal’s relationship with JEM Tech Group should be right there.”


The partnership between JEM Tech Group and Rittal not only delivered a powerful edge solution that met the rigorous demands of a major automotive supplier's disaster recovery needs but also set a new standard for future deployments. The success of this project underlines the importance of choosing the right partners who are committed to excellence and innovation. Together, JEM Tech Group and Rittal have showcased their capability to exceed client expectations and provide robust, scalable solutions that ensure sustained operational success

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