Vega Enhances Physical Data Security with Rittal Micro Data Center (MDC) Security Safes

Snapshot: Vega, a measurement device manufacturer, met the highest corporate IT data security standards with the Rittal MDC security safe.


The importance of data security in rapidly evolving data-driven industries cannot be overstated. Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information is a foundational element for companies worldwide, meaning that comprehensive security measures must be adopted to prevent breaches and theft. One aspect is the physical security of data, particularly in industries with stringent compliance requirements.

Vega, a prominent German company with over 60 years of expertise, specializes in manufacturing measurement devices for various industries globally and required a comprehensive security platform to house their servers. By partnering with Rittal, Vega was able to gain peace of mind and a proactive shield against threats with the Rittal MDC security safe.

The Challenge: On-Premises Security Requirements

Vega's commitment to data security faced a critical challenge due to the decentralized nature of its global operations. The German headquarters emphasized keeping data in-house, prompting the need for robust on-premises solutions.

Dennis Arnold, IT Manager at Vega, explained, "Vega’s headquarters really want data to reside in-house: they want everything on-premises. They don’t want the cloud or to have data scattered."

Stringent corporate IT standards would not permit data to be stored or backed up to the cloud, and so local solutions were necessary. With concerns about protecting data at all costs, traditional data centers and colocations were also deemed insufficient for security.

Arnold continued, "They really wanted something that was waterproof, fireproof, smokeproof, and had enough sensors in it and cooling redundancy to make sure it protected the data in the servers on the inside."

The Rittal Solution: The MDC Security Safe

Rittal stepped in to provide a complete edge solution to Vega's data security needs. Understanding the unique challenges of Vega's global structure, Rittal introduced the MDC security safe. This secure, fireproof, and waterproof enclosure ensured the protection of critical data housed in servers. Unlike traditional server rooms, the MDC security safe offered an innovative approach that saved costs on building large, dedicated data center spaces while meeting Vega's high-security requirements.

Arnold explained, “In Germany they have a much bigger footprint as far as IT infrastructure, so they’ve built a whole room-sized solution. We have one rack that we really need to protect, so we got the security safe to put all our assets in there.”

Vega initially invested in two Rittal MDC security safes and expanded their usage to two additional security safes with the construction of a new location. These safes serve a dual purpose, acting as both data backup repositories and supporting everyday processes. With four MDC security safes in operation, Vega ensures data security for local and remote operations, including running the website and managing critical systems like CRM and email.

Why Rittal?

Vega's decision to choose Rittal was rooted in the unique features provided by the MDC security safe. Redundancy was a key factor, with dual MDC security safes ensuring continuous data protection. Rittal's solution surpassed competitors in terms of redundancy, air conditioning, and overall protection, while the importance of fireproofing and waterproofing made Rittal the preferred choice.

Arnold further elaborated on the decision process, stating, “There are other people who make security safes, but they only have one AC, and you can’t put redundant ACs in there. When your AC goes out it becomes a big oven and can heat up quick."

About the Rittal MDC Security Safe

The MDC security safe is more than just a physical enclosure; equipped with a secure physical cover, this IT security safe seamlessly integrates configuration components that transform it into a fully fitted compact data center. The MDC security safe features robust and flexible racks designed specifically for server and network technology, ensuring efficient organization and accessibility. Climate control solutions, available in various designs and outputs, produce optimal operating conditions, while IT-specific power distribution promotes reliable operation. The incorporation of networkable monitoring and security solutions with the CMC III system provides enhanced protection. Early fire detection and automatic rack extinguishing further improve the safety features of this solution. With applications ranging from providing protection in challenging environments to enclosing existing IT structures, the MDC security safe offers extendibility, dismantling, and re-assembly capabilities. As a compact and system-tested security solution, the security safe maximizes space efficiency and eliminates the need for costly upgrades to existing premises.

The Results

The implementation of Rittal MDC security safes has not only provided Vega with peace of mind but also tangible benefits. With the safes in place, the alarm system and physical security ensure that unauthorized access is practically impossible. The redundancy and robust protective measures offer a dual advantage: peace of mind and compliance with stringent security protocols. In addition, the fireproof and waterproof protection offered by the security safes mean that data is meticulously safeguarded from environmental factors.

Arnold emphasized the importance of security and how the MDC security safes have worked for Vega, stating, “I’m very secure that even if somebody breaks in, they’re not getting into my servers. They can’t physically access anything, so that brings peace of mind along with knowing that if we have a fire anywhere these things are going to protect our data. Once they’re up and running, they run well.”

Rittal's strategic partnership with Vega reflects a commitment to addressing unique challenges and surpassing expectations. The MDC security safe solution not only meets the high-security standards demanded by Vega's headquarters but also ensures operational continuity.

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