Colocation Enclosures

IT Infrastructure for Colocations

Colocation facilities have fast become the alternative to on-site data centers. More organizations are migrating their workload and IT infrastructure to private, public, and hybrid cloud platforms to reduce downtime and expenses while increasing network, operational, and physical security, efficiency, and power and cooling capabilities. Modern colocation facilities featuring state-of-the-art, and highly reliable redundant infrastructure supported by climate control systems, offer services to address networking and computing challenges of today while looking to the future.

Challenges to Colocation Growth

Despite the abundant opportunities for growth in the industry, colocation providers face significant challenges across the board for scaling operations and keeping up with market demands. Decision makers in the implementation process seek fast speed to market, highly available solutions, improved value and ROI, broad design capabilities, ease of installation, and more to maintain a growth trajectory.

Challenges Facing Colocations:

  • Long deployment cycles
  • Limited product availability
  • Standardization
  • Demanding installations
  • Energy efficiency
  • Accessory incompatibility

How Rittal Optimizes Your Colocation Business

As the world’s largest enclosure manufacturer, Rittal offers an unparalleled range of products and solutions with years of experience providing enclosures to many of the top data center facilities in the world. Our preconfigured solutions are designed to match colocation-specific requirements while simplifying ordering, reducing deployment costs, and delivering effortless scalability.

  • In-stock rack solutions
  • Comprehensive, standardized, preconfigured designs
  • Solutions for colocation construction, expansion, and operations
  • Simplified ordering process
  • Lower deployment costs
  • Simple scalability
  • Ensured compatibility with system components
  • Global support and service
  • Rittal quality and reliability

Your Single Source for Comprehensive IT Infrastructure Solutions

Businesses seeking to implement their own solution at colocation facilities are often challenged with product complexity and interoperability issues. From enclosures to power, cooling, and security, customers can become overwhelmed with vendors, manufacturers, and technologies. By offering complete, pre-engineered, and modular systems and solutions, Rittal effectively eliminates the burden of matching individual IT infrastructure components that may not be optimally utilized together. Rittal IT infrastructure solutions provide comprehensive platforms for IT assets that are not only simple to order, fast to ship, and easy to deploy, but also easy to scale and grow with. Combine this with the excellent quality Rittal is known for and you have a winning solution that can open doors on a global scale.

  • Enclosures: Rittal is the largest manufacturer of enclosure solutions in the world. Our expertise is rooted in decades of engineering and manufacturing experience that translates to quality enclosures with ergonomic designs that meet our customers’ requirements. With enclosures designed specifically for the colocation industry, Rittal provides solutions that are quick to deliver and implement.
  • Climate Control: Colocation spaces feature some of the most strenuous cooling demands. That’s why Rittal provides the most energy efficient climate control solutions on the market. Liquid Cooling Packages (LCPs) deliver inline, closed-loop cooling for rows of enclosures, while highly efficient open-loop climate control solutions for room cooling are also available. For edge solutions that support colocation construction and operations, Rittal Blue e+ individual rack cooling units provide up to 75% energy efficiency gains.
  • Power: Offering both efficiency and control, Rittal’s selection of robust power distribution units (PDUs) are ideal for businesses that rely on optimal performance from their critical IT equipment. PDUs are available in a wide range of capacities to support any installation density.
  • Monitoring: The Rittal Computer Multi Control (CMC) III Monitoring System permits robust monitoring and controlling of your IT infrastructure systems with easy-to-track data and reporting. Now, IT personnel can remotely monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, smoke, leaks, and physical breaches to keep IT assets secure and operating at optimal performance levels.
  • Security: While the versatile CMC III remote monitoring system provides convenient security monitoring, colocation IT equipment can also be secured from entry with combination lock handles. With both electronic access control and remote monitoring of enclosure access, IT assets can be thoroughly protected from tampering.

Qualities of Rittal’s Comprehensive Solutions for Colocations:

  • Enclosures designed to support moves, adds, and changes
  • Products that conform to global certification standards
  • Cooling systems that scale with your application
  • Wide range of PDU options to meet current and future requirements
  • Security configured for one enclosure or an entire row: alarms for high temperatures, air flow interruptions, fire/smoke, and unauthorized entry

Rittal Products Optimized for Colocations

Rittal provides several preconfigured solutions for colocation construction, expansion, and operations. With Rittal, your business has a dedicated partner that can provide standardized solutions that are simple to order, deploy, and sale.

The TS IT Colo enclosure provides more internal usable volume to support the highest cable and component installation densities. With no internal obstructions, both the 0U space and interstitial space between adjacent enclosures are maximized for installation availability. With USA-based manufacturing, a wide range of accessories, and dimensions currently favored by US colocations, Rittal’s cutting edge platform helps your business unlock the future of colocation.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Comprehensive, standardized designs
  • Simplified ordering and installation
  • Flexible, scalable, and modular
  • Engineered for IT component installation
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Rittal quality and reliability

Learn more about the TS IT Colo Enclosure

The Rittal Micro Data Center (MDC) offers colocation providers a preconfigured and standardized IT infrastructure solution for expansion and new construction. These qualities make the MDC quick to deploy and simple to scale and repeat with continued expansion. Colocation IT assets are easily secured and supported with an MDC solution while remote monitoring enhances control for IT personnel. Add the Blue e+, the most energy efficient enclosure cooling unit on the market, and you have a complete solution ready for your colocation facility today.

  • Promote optimal operations for IT assets during expansion and construction projects
  • 42U MDC with 2.6kW or 5.8kW Blue e+ cooling unit
  • Complete environmental protection for IT assets against heat, cold, moisture, dust, and debris
  • Preconfigured, standardized indoor edge solution
  • Most energy efficient enclosure cooling unit on the market
  • Self-contained footprint
  • Modular, scalable, and flexible
  • Comprehensive solution, including enclosures, climate control, power, monitoring, and security
  • Quick to deploy
  • Engineered to ensure system compatibility
  • Global support and service

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Unused and constrained rack space in the colocation facility is a lost revenue opportunity. Both critical and non-critical systems for internal use are required to keep the site running smoothly but take up space that could otherwise be used for customers. The solution is simple: move the enclosure outside, in the parking lot, or on the roof with the Rittal CS Toptec outdoor enclosure.

  • Maximize usable space within a colocation facility
  • Complete environmental protection for IT assets against harsh weather, heat, cold, moisture, dust, and debris
  • Preconfigured, standardized outdoor edge solution
  • Most energy efficient enclosure cooling unit on the market
  • Fully self-contained footprint
  • Modular, scalable, and flexible
  • Comprehensive solution, including enclosures, climate control, power, monitoring, and security
  • Engineered to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of IT and network components
  • Global support and service

Learn more about the CS Toptec.

Modern colocation providers are experiencing ever-growing demands for high-density installations for a range of applications, including cloud computing, data analytics, and, most notably, artificial intelligence (AI). AI harnesses powerful servers to predict scenarios, make decisions without human intervention, and create opportunities for technological advancement that may have otherwise taken years to manifest. However, this incredible computing power comes with a major challenge: high operational thermal loads. The Rittal Liquid Cooling Package Chilled Water (LCP CW) is a closed-loop cooling solution for high-density applications like cloud computing and AI that transfers heat outside the data center. This method of cooling removes high heat loads more effectively than traditional room air cooling or row-based open-loop systems, allowing for greater equipment installation densities and overall cooling performance with significantly lower energy requirements.

  • Efficiently support high-density heat loads up to 53kW in AI applications
  • Closed-loop solution – no room climate control required
  • Self-contained footprint when paired with an IT enclosure(s)
  • Support single or multiple bayed enclosure configurations
  • Modular, scalable, and flexible
  • Global support and service

Learn more about the Liquid Cooling Package

Contact Rittal for More Information About Our Solutions for Colocation

If your colocation business is looking for standardized products that are simple to order, deploy, and scale, then simply contact Rittal today. Our team of experts is dedicated to listening to your business needs and requirements to provide comprehensive solutions you can depend on. Whether your colocation facility is under construction, expanding, or seeking to provide IT infrastructure to customers, Rittal has the expertise to get the job done right.