Modular and Freestanding Enclosures

The VX25 and TS 8 baying enclosure systems and SE system enclosures feature a cleverly designed frame section. The interior installation can be done on two mounting levels, ensuring optimum use of space in the enclosure. The VX25 large enclosure system sets itself apart with a fully symmetrical frame profile and significantly reduced complexity, with simplified and better integrated baying technology for all applications.

Build your power isolation enclosure solution today

With the TS 8 Power Isolation Enclosure Selector Tool you can build a complete, bayed enclosure system to fit your application in three easy steps.

Modular and Freestanding Enclosures

VX SE enclosure system

Individual carbon steel enclosure with stable enclosure body, two integrated mounting levels, screw-fastened rear panel and door. Roof and sides from a single piece with roll-formed frame. Fully compatible with the VX25 baying system. Enclosure widths...

Modular and Freestanding Enclosures

TS 8 Baying Systems, Carbon Steel

TS 8 baying system – the system platform for practically all applications. When used in conjunction with the system accessories, every enclosure transformed into a specialist for particular tasks. The frame profile of the TS 8 saves a significant...