Climate Control

Air Cooling

Ambient air cooling units are ideal for dissipating heating loads exceptionally cost-effectively. Condition: The ambient air must be relatively clean and at temperatures below the required enclosure internal temperature.

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Air Cooling

Filter Fans

Complete fan unit for tool-free installation on surfaces. The enclosure is cooled by removing the heat from the enclosure. Air throughput from 20–900 m³/h. Protection category is IP 54 as standard. Upgradable to IP 56. Also available with EMC shielding...

Air Cooling

Roof-Mounted Fans

Fan for cooling the enclosure via the roof. Passive solution and air throughput from 500 m³/h – 1069 m³/h. One system and only one mounting cut-out for all sizes. Optimal efficiency, due to sophisticated air routing with minimal pressure losses....

Air Cooling

Rack-Mounted Fans/Blower Fans

Complete fan unit for direct installation in the 19" level. Air throughput from 320–480 m³/h. Installation allows air to circulate permanently inside the enclosure, thus preventing the formation of hot spots.

Air Cooling

Air/Air Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger with two separate air circuits to prevent the ingress of dust into the enclosure. Cooling output from 17.5 W/K – 90 W/K. The temperature difference between the internal and external circuit will have a decisive effect on the amount of...