Perforex Milling Terminal MT 2201 S

Article number: AS 4055.926

The Perforex Milling Terminal 2201 features a wide workpiece holder as standard with two doors. Ideal for machining fully welded enclosures.

Article number:
AS 4055.926
Motorized depth adjustment 2200 mm
Housing machining
Flat part machining
double door
Patented plate with integral extraction of the milling swarf (such as chips, turnings, filings, or shavings).
High-performance spindle including minimal quantity lubrication
Automatic tool check
DIN tools
Pneumatic clamping device
Product description
The Perforex Milling Terminal is a four-axis CNC machine and is used for modifying standard enclosures, and offers automatic machining of enclosure panels and housings, e.g. for holes, threading, and cut-outs. The Perforex 2201 Milling Terminal offers a wide workpiece fixture in the standard version with two doors. Ideal for machining fully-welded enclosures.
Fast return on investment (ROI) and significantly enhanced competitiveness
Short throughput times with consistently high product quality
Data consistency due to network-based software
Easy to use with a clearly organized HMI and 24-inch screen
Automatic tool change and integrated tool length measurement
Tool-friendly machining due to minimum-quantity lubrication system and pressure plate
Automatic chip extraction when drilling and milling
The high-performance spindle allows fast, precise, reliable machining
Intuitive clamping system with pneumatic clamping device – optimized for enclosure components
Supply includes
The Perforex MT S is configured for specific projects
Workable material
Stainless steel
Machine options
Signal pillar 4055.954
Side access 4055.952
4055.951 support arm system
Clamping height extension 4050.035
2 additional zero points for multi-part machining 4050.111
Machine controller
Order control with Rittal Panel Processing Center (RiPPC)
Operation with Rittal HMI
Safety fence according to DIN EN ISO 13857
Optical protective device in front of and behind the machine
Safe braking of the axes even in the event of a power failure
Rittal Panel Processing Center (RiPPC)
EPLAN Pro Panel
Rittal Configuration System
DXF data import
We reserve the right to make technical modifications
Support area
Width: 5,050 mm
Height: 2,400 mm
Depth: 4,550 mm
( Width: 199 ˝
Depth: 179 ˝ )
Compressed air connection
6 bar
Weight of workpiece, panel machining (max.)
250 kg
Weight of workpiece, enclosure machining (max.)
300 kg
Number of workstations
Machining accuracy
± 0.2 mm
Speed X/Y axis
60,000 mm/min
Speed Z-axis
12,000 mm/min
Spindle speed (max.)
21,000 rpm
Spindle power (max.)
11 kW
Control voltage (DC)
24 V
Rated current max.
6.2 A
Rated operating voltage
3L+PE, 400 - 480 V, 50/60 Hz
Machining speed (max.)
1,500 mm/min
Dimensions of clampable enclosures min.
Width: 100 mm
Height: 100 mm
Depth: 140 mm
Dimensions of clampable enclosures max.
Width: 2,300 mm
Height: 1,600 mm
Depth: 2,200 mm
Min. clamping panel dimensions
Width: 100 mm
Height: 100 mm
Depth: 1.25 mm
Max. clamping panel dimensions
Width: 2,300 mm
Height: 1,550 mm
Depth: 5 mm
Max. machinable area for enclosures
Width: 2,300 mm
Height: 1,600 mm
Support area
Width: 5,050 mm
Height: 2,400 mm
Depth: 4,550 mm
( Width: 199 ˝
Depth: 179 ˝ )
Packaging unit
1 pc(s).
Weight/packaging unit
2,700 kg
( 5,952.5 lb. )
Customs tariff number