Pleated filter

High time for a filter change

Are you using conventional chopped-fibre filters in your fan-and-filter units? Then perhaps it’s time to think about making a change – even if the chopped-fibre is as good as new. You see, now we can provide filters that have one key feature that sets them apart from standard chopped-fibre filters – pleats!

Why pleated filters are better than standard chopped-fibre filters:

The filter surface area is 6 times as big

By way of comparison, a standard chopped-fibre filter has a surface area of 299 cm². A pleated filter of the same size, on the other hand, has a surface area of 1,785 cm² – that is six times the area. In practical terms, this means there is less pressure resistance. What’s more, the fan’s average air throughput is 40 % higher, meaning it can dissipate the waste heat in the enclosure faster. This saves electricity and extends the fan life.

The micropores filter out even the finest dust

Dust is famously the natural enemy of electrical and electronic components. The material and construction of our pleated filters are designed in such a way that they filter out even tiny dust particles. The smallest particle that can be filtered measures just 0.3 micrometres. That is smaller than some viruses. In practical terms, this means much less dust penetrates the enclosure, and the fail-safe operation of the components is significantly increased.

The pleats store more dust

Image on left: Current dirty chopped-fibre filter | Image on right: New dusty pleated filter

The large surface area provides the pleated filter with a significantly higher storage capacity. In practical terms, this means maintenance intervals are extended, which also saves service costs. What’s more, our pleated filters guarantee protection to IP54 or IP55 (when the pleated filter is used with an absorber mat).

Your own personal efficiency calculator

Would you like to know exactly how our new pleated filters save money? No problem! Simply enter the parameters for your fan-and-filter units below. Our calculator will then tell you how high your current energy and service costs are and how much you could save by switching to pleated filters – including in relation to your carbon footprint.

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