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  • Automotive

    Rittal is an established standard in the auto industry. We offer enclosure technology, climate control, power distribution and IT infrastructure, together with a range of planning tools and global service.

  • Railway technology

    High pressures, extreme vibrations, powerful compression forces: In the railway technology industry, experts are convinced by Rittal's solutions for a wide range of stationary applications.

  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energies pose particular requirements in terms of service life, corrosion resistance, modularity and climate control. Here, ''Rittal – The system.'' meets even the highest demands.

  • Airports

    At an airport, safety and reliability are absolutely crucial. From baggage handling to data centres, ''Rittal – The system.'' is found in airports around the globe.

  • Information technology

    Rittal specialises in high-MTBF IT infrastructures: from single server racks, to IT cooling, through to complete data centres, we are your one-stop suppliers.

  • Maritime applications

    Rough seas and salt water: Waterproof, robust enclosures and system solutions are part of the Rittal range, alongside engineering support and global service.

  • Mechanical engineering

    ''Rittal – the system.'' intelligently combines modular enclosure technology, power distribution and climate control with engineering support from Eplan, system consulting, and global service.

  • Food and luxury goods industry

    Rittal Hygienic Design is synonymous with meticulously planned, easy-to-clean system solutions for hygienic production in the food industry.

  • Public contracts

    Be it energy, water, transportation or data centres, Rittal has the right solution to ensure a secure infrastructure, and is familiar with particular requirements of public-sector clients.


Rittal industry solutions

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